Selangorlicious Eat Out @ Restoran Jamal Mohamed: One Malaysia Under One Roof!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It was my pleasure to be invited by Selangorlicious for this Eat Out at Restoran Jamal Mohamed.

“At first glance of the email invitation I thought it was on to hunt for the infamous Nasi Lemak Kukus Kankong!!! I was wrong, this place is a house of various Malaysia’s Local Delicacies!! It’s like One Malaysia’s Delicacies under One Roof !!!! Malay + Chinese + India”
* Everything is Halal Here*
Malay Food
Met which bunch of foodies and we start evaluating what to order for our breakies! Off course we will not missed out the crunchy and juicy Kankong  pairing with the Nasi Lemak Kukus, RM 6.00 - RM8.00.
We decided to indulge in the rendang gravy and “rempah” Fried Chicken. It’s another common fried chicken!
SelangorLicious8If you are my loyal reader you should know I don’t take sambal or chili related food (No Reds for Me Pleaseeeeeee). Only Orange & Blacks is allowed by means Curry, Tomyam and Blackpepper.
Thus it is very crucial that the rendang gravy is flavoursome to compensate the forgone sambal on my Nasi Lemak! Also fresh cucumber is a MUST!! Surprise it did not failed my expectation!
Sadly another important aspect is the “Rice” which it is grainy BUT tasteless…It lack of the must have “Santan” aroma!
Let move to the Specialty of this plate, The KangKong. No doubt the kangkong is fresh and crunchy due to fact it cook to the right texture!!
“Perhaps they should improve in the rice aroma and ensure rice is warm when served then it would make a perfect Nasi Lemak Kukus.”
Chinese Food
Like I say Orange is allowed, now next is Orangey Curry Laksa, RM 4.50!
They also fried lots of Yong Tau Foo for us to pick! But we save this for next visit!
Me and Thomas was surprised that the curry taste so dense and aroma of the lime gives extra tanginess!! The bite “Tau Foo Pok” is so satisfying as it not as the normal airy type but filled with “tau foo flesh”. If know what i mean..LOL
Thumbs up Mmmmmphh delicious..
Generous Amount of Cockles, Fish Cakes & Bean Sprouts!
Personally i still prefer Mei Hiong’s Curry Mee version due to the fact the broth is more “Curriness”.
I heard that this Aunty Gemok is famous with their famous Halal version of Penang Char Kuey Teow, Rm 4.50.
Aunty Gemok in action!

It seems that she “Goreng” in a very dramatic way! Must be real good eh?

I can forgive the bland taste of the non chili version!
There we are wrong again, only trust ourself…never believe what you see or hear unless you have tried it out yourself! So obviously the chili version taste bland too. It’s not only because of the missing pork lard or lap cheong. Even adding those ingredient it may not safe this, because there is no charred taste and the dark soy sauce just too tasteless.
Can you guys see the taste through the picture?
After being disappointed with few dish, finally there is something that taste amazing. Crisp + Crunch + Smoky is what you get when you order this TauHu Bakar.
Thumbs upPreparation of Tauhu Bakar, can be order from the same stall that sells Curry Mee.
In a few minutes all tauhu cube is gone forever from my eyesight!
Indian Food
How could we missed our Malaysia Famous Roti Canai Sections for Breakfast?
Start with a sip of fresh Teh Tarik, just right sweetness level but prefer more intense red tea flavor!
I love bubbly Teh Tarik!
So let’s start canaí “ing”’!!
Thumbs upRoti BoM, crispy externally and sweet buttery inside! Yums! 

Roti Planta, yes I know it look crispy and tasty right?
But it’s not as crispy as I want it to be..I have a little hard time to tear it apart!

Roti Telur Bawang, you can skip this uneven spread of egg and onion!

Beef Murtabak, appear in thick slab of minced beef with onion.
We do not like the overdose of the spice!SelangorLicious26

A group picture to wrap up that morning!
From left clockwise, Thomas, Me, Senri, Sian, Wssoo, Nini and SKY
SelangorLicious27Overall, there are hit and misses. If you are looking for a place that can give variation in Halal selections of food under one roof then this is the place for you.
Restoran Jamal Mohamed
24, Jalan SS5A/9
Kelana Jaya

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