Curry Noodle at Mei Hiong Hainan Chicken Rice

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Just to satisfy my curry addiction,  i order a bowl of curry vermicelli mix yellow noodle right after I done my hair treatment at Mee Hiong Hainan Chicken Rice..


This restaurant also. Serve the best drunken wine chicken I've ever had. Look at the crowd…


I prefer my curry noodle with bean curd skin,  fish balls and cuttle fish instead of big chunk of chicken meat...

The intense spicy curry broth taste so good that i can almost finish all of it.. The fish ball is very springy and fresh.. Not fishy at all.. The bean sprout is big and juicy... Hunger for another bowl now..

Mei Hiong Hainan Chicken Rice

Jalan  Perdana 2,

Taman Segar Perdana,

43200 Selangor.

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