Things That You Must To Do In Hawaii

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hawaii is a very special place that everyone should visit at least once in their life (the more the better really). There is just so much to these islands, such as the luxury homes in Hawaii, amazing weather, hospitality and some of the best nature on the planet. This article is dedicated to a place that has become very special to me and I hope you enjoy reading more about it.

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See the flowing lava

At the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park you can see the amazing Kilauea Volcano, which is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. It has also been erupting since 1983! The view of the crater from the Crater Rim Drive is truly an amazing sight to see, but my highlight is definitely watching the lava flow into the ocean. You can reach this point by driving the Chain of Craters Road all the way down 3700 feet descent to the coast. There isn’t quite like the power of nature spitting molten rock from inside the earth into the sea.

Learn to surf

No trip to Hawaii would be complete without learning to surf, especially when many consider Hawaii to be the birthplace of surfing. The idea of riding huge waves in the stunning Hawaiian waters is a picture we have all had in our heads. If you are there you need to take the chance to experience this very addictive past time with one of the many experienced instructors that make their living from teaching others to surf in one of the best places to surf on the planet. If you are just starting out you can seek out the calmer waters in Kahalu’u Bay in Kona (on the Big Island).

Visit Molokini

Get out onto the open water and visit this unusually shaped island, because it is a very interesting experience. The island is actually a volcanic crater that partly lies under the sea. The surrounding reefs make it an ideal location for those wanting to snorkel or dive. The crystal clear waters are home to some 250 species of marine life and are extremely beautiful and very visible. If the land is more your thing you can watch a number of birds that nest on the shores of the island, such as Bulwers Petrels.

Experience the Road to Hana

Experiencing this place is one that you won’t forget with the greenest ferns that you have ever seen, waterfalls and of course, some amazing food stalls. When you reach Hana do not make the mistake of turning around and heading back. Spend some time here in this extremely peaceful place. You can also see the Haleakala National Park and hike here, which is well worth it, especially in the unforgettable bamboo forest. The stunning 400 foot Waimoku waterfall is also a sight that makes a journey to this place well worth it.

See the sunrise at Haleakala

The dormant volcano of Haleakala is the place to see what is perhaps the most amazing sunrise in all of Hawaii. The sweeping views of the crater and the sun peeking past the tops of the clouds makes for an extremely magical sight that you truly will never forget. Whenever I visit I make sure that I make this activity a priority. It is imperative that you reserve a viewing for the sunrise, as new regulations from the government mean that it is not possible otherwise. On the way down from the top of the mountain you can stop Pa ka’oao trail to get another amazing view of the surrounding area.

See the landscapes of Kauai

This place is one of my favourite in all of Hawaii and it really deserves some time to get to know it better. I would personally recommend seeing this place from as many different angles as you can afford and by this I mean from the sea, air and foot. Helicopter tours are very popular and can show you the stunning waterfalls from a perspective that is unforgettable. Sailing around the coast and stopping to snorkel is a great experience and I love getting out on the open water to see some of the local wildlife. Hiking is also possible here and the 22 mile hike around the coast is one of the best hikes that I have experienced in my entire life.

Watch whales in Maui

If you are lucky enough to visit between January and March, you will undoubtedly see the playful humpback whales playing in the waters of Maui. Amazingly 10,000 or so whales make the trip from Alaska each winter to mate in these waters as well as giving birth. This is truly an incredible way to experience the miracle of life and is something that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Visit Waikiki

This popular tourist spot is known for its great beach and draws people from far and wide to get a taste of the action. If you think of white sand and crystal clear waters, then you have Waikiki beach. This is the perfect place to hang out, with a number of great hotels directly on the water as well as many bars, restaurants and shops to help you pass the time in this magnificent place. I really enjoy sitting by the beach and enjoying the sights and sounds of the beach, with a nice cocktail of course!

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