SWITZERLAND 10D9N: Day 9 & 10: Golden Pass, Bern, Montreux & Geneva

Monday, June 19, 2017

Phew did you catch up all my post on Switzerland? Currently I am travelling in Sydney and last week I am determine to complete my Switzerland write up before I flew. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those who follow all the series. Today post will be last for this series as we took Golden Pass to Bern and then later to Montreux where we will flew out to Greece from there.

Golden Pass train ride is another ride you shouldn't miss. You can watch my video on the entire train ride if you are considering if to take Golden Pass and I say take it as the view is simply beautiful. The train is also the most beautifully decorated compared to Glacier Express & Bernina Express. I would recommend taking Glacier express and skip Bernina Express route or if you still want to go that route can take normal train to save some bucks.

We arrive in bern and look for Left Luggage to store all of our luggage so we can walk around Bern. We allocate around 5 hour to explore Bern. This is another main city in Switzerland and look quite like other big city in Europe. Starbucks & Mcd is available along the way. We went to the market and it's pretty interesting. Watch my video to see what are some unique food we discovered!

We wanted to visit the Parliament but it was on a renovation....Oh well no luck! We then went to visit the Munster CathedralThe Cathedral is Switzerland's largest and most significant church from the Late Middle Ages. As the dominant structure in Bern's Old Town, which was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1983, the Cathedral plays a pivotal role in the city's architecture.

The clock tower.

After visiting Bern, we then catch the train to montreux to check in our hotel. The hotel located at a small slope up  further from the Pizza Restaurant!

Our Hotel, La Rouvenaz Hotel is a pretty new Hotel with modern interior design which we love! Feels like we are back to current world! hahhaa....

We were really tired after visiting Bern as we were rushing to catch the last train!!! and walking to/from train station to our hotel require to go through some staircase which totally used up all of our remaining energy. Though we did take a bus heading to hotel but going out for dinner we did walk!

Beautiful wedding car!

For dinner we decided to dine out. We came to a restaurant which is said to be buffet, BUT it's not unlimited. You can pick anything you want but they count by weight. So the heavier you take the more pricey. After the not so fulfilling Buffet dinner (because its pricey to go full mode buffet, if you get what I mean) we went to bed ....

pick, pick, pick...

Montreux is pretty near to France so the pastry here is super delicious!!! The croissant in our breakfast buffet is so so good almost taste liek the one I had in Paris years back!!! How I miss them now!

After breakfast we went to Chillon Castle before we flew of in the evening! If you have extra time to spare you should visit this castle otherwise just skip it as I feel nothing really very interesting. The castle architecture nothing very unique nor impressive.

Chillon Castle is located on a rock on the banks of Lake Geneva. The water castle is the most visited historic building in Switzerland. For nearly four centuries Chillon was the residence and profitable toll station of the Counts of Savoy.

After visiting castle we had a quick stop at the lakeside.

and that end our Switzerland trip!!!!!!! We took an 1 hour train to Geneva and flew to London to transit to Greece. So much memory and though it's expensive to travel in Switzerland we manage to keep the spending within budget and every penny spend is totally worth it!! See you again soon Switzerland!!

Switzerland 10D9N Itinerary
Day 1: Land in Zurich, St Moritz. Overnight in St Moritz.
Day 2: From St Moritz to Tirano using Bernina Express. Diavolezza Mountain Peak. Overnight in St Moritz.
Day 3: From St Moritz to Zermatt using Glacier Express. Overnight in Zermatt.
Day 4: Zermatt to Gornergrat Mountain Peak & Klein Matterhorn Mountain Peak. Overnight in Zermatt.
Day 5: Zermatt to Lauterbrunnen. Lauterbrunnen village tour. Overnight in Lauterbrunnen.
Day 6: Lauterbrunnen to Junfraujoch Mountain Peak (Including stopping at Kleine Schedegg & Wengen). Overnight in Lauterbrunnen.
Day 7: Lauterbrunnen to  Luzern using Golden Pass Express. Luzern City Tour. Overnight in Luzern.
Day 8: Luzern to Mount Regis Peak & Luzern City Tour. Overnight in Luzern.
Day 9: Luzern to Bern (City Tour) then to Montreux. Overnight in Montreux.
Day 10: Montreux to Château de Chillon Castle. Leave to Geneva Airport.

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