JayJun Cosmetic Baby Pure Shinning Mask Review

Monday, June 26, 2017

Helloooooo................. I am back from my trip and feeling recharged well not really fully recovered my state of mind yet...Its a long story and I do not want to go into details but yeah that is the reason why I've been missing from events and did not update this blog as often as I used to be. So few weeks back I bumped into this Blog Detox thread in Butterfly Project Group where bloggers is encouraged to share their favourite Sheet Mask and post the link there where other blogger will go and check it out and comment each other post. Sort of like a group activities to bring all blogger together!! I do miss hanging out with blogger friends and it's been a while since I last attend event.. So this is a good chance to let me get to know some new blogger and hopping to read post from some of my other blogger friends that I have known for year... Okay lets cut the crap!!! As you can read from the caption, my favourite sheet mask currently is JayJun Cosmetic Baby Pure Shinning Mask. and I will be doing a review on this mask today!!


I was introduced to this mask by a friend I met on a airplane on the way back from Singapore I think, can't recall. This mask apparently is very famous in Korea and it's available in SASA Malaysia.  Price wise is on the high side but it comes in three different sachet. It's basically a 3 step mask and I believe that is the reason why it so so hydrating to my skin. The first step is a essence and second is the sheet mask and follow by eye cream.

Image result for jayjun baby pure shining mask

This mask is said to be created by a surgeon for his patient who go through plastic surgery. The packaging itself is a major love and the result is super amazing. I love how soft the fabric feels on my skin and that the mask fit my face very well.... Many sheet mask I try does not fit my round face. This mask is very moisturizing, it takes at least 30 minutes for the mask to dries out completely.

Though this mask cost about RM11 each but the after effect totally made every penny worth. I usually only use this mask once or twice a month because it is pricey!! After using this mask, my skin instantly glows and become so soft. It lasted at least 2-3days. It sort of like giving my skin a mini home facial. The eye cream is really hydrating too but I cant really see if it does much on my eyes as I don't really use eyecream cause I am lazy *guilty* but this eyecream smells really good and not too oily for me.

So what is your favourite sheet mask currently?

I will see you real soon on upcoming post. XOXO

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