Dropping The Hint...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Before all the planning, trying out the cakes, visiting the venues, and trying to appease everyone in the family, the first thing you have to do is drop the hint that you're ready for marriage, and this isn’t easy. You can't force your partner to do it, and if he/she isn’t ready, then there is nothing you can do, but if you think that they might be dragging their feet on the issue, here are some things you can do to be a tad more creative and get the ball rolling.

Drop A Hint
You can hope that your partner will read your mind, but most of us aren’t psychic. Remember that proposing to someone is potentially opening themselves up for a big fat rejection, so make sure to pepper some subtle signs into your everyday conversation. The point is to make them understand how secure you are in the relationship, which will pave the way for them to propose without fear of rejection. It’s much easier if you have a ring in mind already! But if you don’t, even looking online for ideas, or making a Pinterest board for hypothetical wedding ideas should be a big enough hint! That way it’s easy to pin different types of engagement rings, and they will be able to see what you have in mind! Pinning Tacori engagement rings, if they're your style, is indicative of classic ring styles. If you have a style in mind, such as 1910 vintage rings, putting them all in one place will give your partner a wide variety of ideas to draw from. God bless Pinterest!  
Speak About The Future
This is something that a lot of people feel really uneasy about discussing. But it should be brought up at some point, especially if you two have been together for some time. By bringing up the future, it’s signaling to your partner that you are indeed ready to settle down and do the family thing. If you have spent a few years with someone and the time is right to move onto the next logical step, and this is especially if you're ready to have children, then you need to have this conversation at some point. Besides, if you know what you want, who’s to stop you popping the question to them? Take the initiative if you're really ready!
Patience Is A Virtue
It really is! But there has to be some compromise. Setting a deadline for being married and having X number of babies is going to scare your other half more than nuclear war most of the time, but you can't wait around too long either. But don’t sweat the small stuff. If you're both really serious about spending the rest of your lives together, how important is this piece of paper and a ceremony that half your family can't come to anyway? Being patient might not be high on your priority list, especially if you feel that time is ticking, but it’s better to be patient than to pressure someone into getting down on one knee!

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