Tips on how to find that perfect dress

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

That perfect cocktail gown for a holiday party at work, or the sexy black dress for date night, are just a couple dresses women want to own. But, every woman is different, therefore, every "perfect" dress is going to vary for each woman. So how do you go about finding the right one for you? Consider some of these simple tips. 

Know your body

No two women are alike, and no two body frames are alike. So use the features you have, and accentuate. If you have a slim waistline, draw the attention there. If you have a larger bust area, or broad shoulders, detract with sequence or other details. You should use your body to your advantage, and take advantage of the great features you can showcase. So shop by category, style, and look for those dresses which are truly going to accentuate your features which are most prominent. 

Know your colouring

You need to know which colours work best with you. For lighter skin tones, you can't go with white or pale hues; make sure you add some pop of colour. Make sure you look for those which work together well, but also work together with your skin tone, accessories, and other colours you are going to be bringing along for the occasion or the event you are going to attend.

Know the occasion

You can't wear a dress which is just above your knees, and skin tight to a formal event or a work function. So dress accordingly and find the dress for the situation. Make sure you consider the length, what it covers, what it doesn't, and whether it is an appropriate style for the event you are going to be attending. You do not have to over dress to look good, but you do have to be mindful of where you are, who you will be around, and who is going to see you wearing the dress. 



Not only the length, but also the sleeves. Some dresses look good with sleeves, others don't. Keep in mind sashes, belts, and other accessories as well, as these items can make or break any dress you are going to wear. Make sure you think about everything, and that you know how things are going to look together. From the dress accessories, your clutch or larger purse, your earrings, and your shoes. Everything has to work together, and when you keep this in mind, you can truly make any dress, the "perfect" dress, based upon the situation and the event you are going to be wearing it to.

No matter what your budget, body type, height, or where you plan on wearing it, there are many dresses you can choose from when time comes to purchase one. So prior to doing so, these are a few of the ways you can go about dress shopping, comparing, trying on, and eventually finding the one that is the right fit, for any event, and for any situation you are going to wear it in. If you would like to view some catalogues which offer a wide range of women's dresses then I would recommend finding a catalogues comparison site and use them to find the best catalogue which suits your needs.

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