The South? It's The Soul Of America

Saturday, May 06, 2017

What do we think of when we think of an American getaway? We think of long open roads in the manner of the legendary route 66. We think of the tinkling slot machines and one-armed bandits of the Las Vegas Strip. We imagine the Golden-Gate bridge and the Hollywood sign of California. Of course, we would never forget the surging skyscrapers of the big apple - New York, New York nor the  Magic Kingdom of Disney that lies in Orlando, Florida.

America is a country wide, large and vast. No wonder many of its citizens choose not to fly abroad for vacation! There is so much on offer within those 50 states of varying climates and cultures. In fact, a lot of America can go unnoticed and while plenty of people visiting America might take a trip down south to visit Orlando in Florida, or Key West - there is plenty more to do and see in the deep south than Disneyland. Today, we'll be focusing on the south of the United States to see what it can offer to a traveller.

The South? It very much has a spirit of its own - especially Texas. Texas was once its own country, bowing to no-one, but after a number of disputes with Mexico, it signed up to become a State of America. The saying is 'everything is bigger in Texas', and that goes for the state itself, which is humongous. From delicious food, line dancing and big, big cities (Dallas, Austin, Houston to name a few), sport and more to offer, Texas is a great place to visit for your first experience of the South.

The South also has its own songs - country music was born here and that is clear when we hit Tennessee and Nashville. Tennessee gave birth to a lot of music from Dolly Parton to the rock band Paramore. Elvis Presley called it home and his own home is one of lots of attractions in Tennessee.

The vibrancy of country music can only be matched by the vibrancy of New Orleans, Louisiana. The French and Cajun heritage of Louisiana shines through most in New Orleans. For culture, every musical genre under the sun from Jazz to Metal and fantastic food that borrows influences from every culture that called New Orleans home at one point, New Orleans is certainly one of the most interesting destinations in the world, let alone the United States of America.

Virginia is for lovers, but not just that - it is also for tourists. The state that established itself as the capital of the South when the South recessed from the North in the Civil War has a lot to offer. History, of course is on display with a number of monuments and museums. Virginia wasn't just the birthplace of the South, but also lead to the birthing of the United States. History is plentiful in Virginia, but you can also find sandy beaches and plenty of amenities. Virginia looks forward, but respects the past!

Next time you visit the States, don’t ignore the South!

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