A Truly Unique Experience in Rocky Point in Mexico

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rocky Point is also referred to as Puerto Peñasco, and there is no place so magical and original. Situated between the sea and Ballena Hill, Rocky Point lies at the base of volcanic rock, which is made of solidified lava flows. The city has been declared a “free zone” to promote tourism and foreigners can drive to Puerto Peñasco without obtaining visas. Thus, the area is more attractive to visitors from Arizona, Nevada, and California. Today, Rocky Point is a major tourist center. Many consider the place to be “Arizona’s beach” as the city has great beaches and rich with Mexican culture.

You will come across incredible craters that were made thousands of years ago because of powerful eruptions of groundwater that are mixed with volcanic lava. The largest of the volcanoes, El Elegante is 4,500 feet in diameter and has eight smaller volcanoes. The desert paradise creates a dazzling display of colors in the rocky soil due to the volcanic pines and ash cones. The enormous sand and ash dunes add to the beauty of the desert that leaves you breathless. Rocky Point is home to a wide range of animals and hundreds of shrubs and small trees. Meet the legendary inhabitants of the area, the Tohono people, and watch them conduct sacred ceremonies there.

Rocky Point in Mexico has several different areas of interest such as the Fish Market that boasts of many curio shops and ice cream parlors. The oldest beach areas of Rocky Point is Playa Mirador, and another well-known area is Calle 13 which is the hub of Mexican beach life. Sandy Beach location is witnessing new developments such as resorts, golf courses, condos, bars, and restaurants. If you decide to go somewhere nearby just book it here and add another exciting adventure into your trip.

You can explore the beach destinations and luxury resorts in Rocky Point that face the beach and enjoy some of the best Sonoran resorts. Those fully furnished condos provide all the comforts of home. Enjoy fine amenities and delicious food and several other Mexican and American cuisines. Create a memorable side vacation and enjoy beautiful sunsets and warm temperatures. You can enjoy several sports activities such as golf, hiking. Jet skis, hiking and other. A large number of beachfront condominiums have bene built in this area, and there are development plans for malls, marinas and golf course. Different crafts made of iron pieces, shell jewelry, and carved ironwood are sold here. High school and college students enjoy coming here during spring break.

Rocky Point Mayor is already working on promoting economic development and tourism. Millions of people travel the Rocky Point in Mexico, and many of them are from Tucson. This is a very safe and exciting place for tourists, and the Mayor is taking all the steps to make the tourists feel at home. Rocky Point is about a couple of hours from Phoenix and is ideal for quick weekend escape. It is the fastest growing tourist center towards the northern Mexico.

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