Butterfly Project Birthday Party with Jerlynn'

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

One thing I love about being blogger is that we get to meet lots of friends and Butterfly Project has connects me to many other Butterflies (Blogger). I am so happy few weeks ago as we celebrate Butterfly Project 4th Birthday!!!!!!! Can you believe it? Its 4 years already!! Time really fliesssss.... I am so thankful to have Butterfly Project to connect all of us together and our community grow so big now. Butterfly project also provide me a lot of opportunity to work with many other big brands. To Tammy, thank you for all the effort you put into this community. We love you!!!! Here is out BIG Family photo with our lovely birthday cake!


The theme for the party is to dress happily in Yellow!!! I was happy to found one yellow dress from my wardrobe, yellow not quite my colour hahaha!! I decided to do a Fairy inspired make up to go with the theme! Hand draw some flowers and make the eyebrow yellow too!

and put on a multicolour flower crown too!! How's my makeup? I love the lip colour but I don't know how to smile with this lip colour! here is my full look! I was quite early on the day as I worried there won't be any parking!!

There is a Best Dress contest too and everyone dressup so beautifully in yellow!!!!!!! We have Beauty & the Beast in the house!!

Both of them really stole the limelight that day!! Such a matching pair!!!

Jerlynn'L our generous sponsor for the party has prepare an awesome box filled with goodies from them!! Jerlynn'L was inspired by a story of the male Chidori bird put a lots of effort to find a safe place for his children. It truly inspired Jerlynn’L founder as he too want to protect & care for his children. Thus Jerlynn’L were born with the same objective to produce a line of quality and customised child-safe products. Jerlynn’L  has a specific range that target user from age 3- 18 years old. This age group has more exposure to sun and polution, but their skin are still delicate and not as mature as adult skin. Hence, Jerlynn’L is here to take care of them!!

During the party all of us unbox together!! Look at how happy all the girls!!

Selfie is a must!!

Jerlynn’L also gave us this Air Freshener pack where I placed in my car!! I so in love this scent!!

and this is what I got!!!

All of us receive the Signature Collection, which all contains 4x more Ceramide more than any other products. Ceramide III helps to retain moisture in the skin which will improve the skin elasticity. The Signature Collection consist of the following item:

  • Body Wash, RM 119
  • Body Lotion, RM 40
  • Hair Wash, RM 79
  • Hair conditioner, RM 79
  • Facial Moisturizer, RM 49
  • Special care product , RM 49

and more photos of me!

I also won the Best Dress!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeee didn't see that coming cause I do not have fancy dress!! I guess my make up pull it off eh?

Alright signing off now....

Do checkout Jerlynn’L official website & Facebook for more info.

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