Beaute Library Facial Review @ MY Town

Monday, May 15, 2017

Beaute Library a new Beauty Lifestyle Center that I just recently discover got me surprised that they are actually in Malaysia for few years already and have a total of 7 outlets here. I have never heard of them before this so I am quite thrilled to discover them. The first time I hear Beaute Library it gave me a impression of Luxury Spa center. I just can't wait to visit them and share with you my facial experience there.

I visited My Town branch as this is one of new favourite mall. One thing I like about this mall is that its quite near to my house and ikea is just next to it. On the day of my appointment, the rain is really heavy and trees fell so the jam were crazy. I call to them a few time to reschedule my time and I was very pleased with their customer service. They are very understanding and accommodating too. I already like them even before I visit them.

After 2 hour bracing through the jam I finally reach. Like what I portray in my head, the beauty centre look really luxurious with marble wall and beautiful flower on the reception table. As I walk in, the staff greeted me and welcome me with a nice tea. We then proceed with skin test.

My skin is lack of hydration and quite congested so extraction is needed for sure. We proceed with the facial.  The room look simple and clean and most important the bed fit my height perfectly. Oh and there's a comforter for me to cover my body which I really like. Some facial parlour provides only towel.

So happy to discover there's a call button in the room. This button come in handy when I needed the beautician but I are not able to move because mask is on.

They uses natural ingredient for all their product range. I am always fan of skincare made of natural ingredients. All their product smell so heavenly because the one used on my facial are mostly made from natural flowers & fruits.

I went for Beauté Floral Essential Hydrating Enriching Facial Treatment which includes the following steps: 
  • Begin with essential oil (Lavender) shoulder massage.
  • Milk cleansing
  • Double Cleansing
  • Facial Scrub (cucumber)
  • Leave on Scrub while steaming
  • Extraction
  • Double mask
  • End with a Shoulder massage and Basic Skin Care Application

Here is my before & after photo.

I really love the facial, it's soothing and hydrating. My skin doesn't look like red balloon after the extraction. All thanks to the double mask. The extraction were not very painful and I like that the beautician will inform me on area where she think can be painful when she is extraction. This helps prepare me before she extract it and it calms me down too. The only set back were the lighting is rather bright and the bed is quite hard. According to the beautician, the bed is still new thus can be hard which I agree too. Overtime the bed will soften for sure. 

Before I leave the beautician did offer me a facial package which the price is quite worthy but I told her that I still have package somewhere else. She did not insist me to buy instead she say no worries. I really like how they sell their package not too pushy.

Alright guys, I think I shall end this post. For more info please visit Beaute Library Official website.

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