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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Do you always have problem finding for shops that do all sorts of card printing? I find it very inconvenient to find a printing store because they usually located in a secluded area or area that I never been before. It can be tougher when there is a minimum order to meet when ordering my print. When I was planning for my wedding last year, it took me a while to find the right shop to do the printing for my wedding card.... Today I am happy that I found GoGoPrint where we can select they type of print we want via online at the comfort of my home. How convenient?

Recently I was looking for places to print my name card and leaflet for Yureska. I decided to give GoGoPrint a try since the navigation on their website is pretty easy to use. It only takes a few minuted to complete the entire transaction. All you have to do is to decide which product you want to print.

They also included the recommended size in case you are not sure which size to go for. Also you can select if you want express order or the normal ones. All dates and the price is shown as well. Good thing is that delivery is free.

As for my experience printing with them were kind of good and bad... May be I am just bad luck... When I key in my promo code, my M2U have some problem on the money transferring that it buffer too long it got disconnected and then the voucher code cannot be use anymore.... Then they gave me a new code but still doesn't work.....It took them a few day to fix this....

Then by the time they fixed it, I am running out of time to print the leaftlet as I need to use it on the weekend itself. I was hopping they will at least offer the express service without additional charge because it is their promo code error that cause the delay. Also the customer service response did take sometime to back to me with solution....

After fixing the promo code, my order went through and they start printing.... So the customer service call me and they offer to deliver to me by hand and to explain what happen on the promocode which I feel it's really a good move to do so. I am happy to meet them in person and receive the name card and leaflet by hand.

The print quality for my name card were quite excellent as for the leaftlet I wish they will offer gloss paper option soon as the normal paper they use to print result in washout color....

I hope they would make improvement after all the feedback I provided to them!

So if you are looking into printing wedding invitation card, business card, banner, leaflet and many more you can checkout GoGoPrint.

For now I got to sign off... See you in the next post!

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