A Power Rangers Review

Monday, April 03, 2017

Hey ya, it's been a while since our last movie review posting. So we decided to post something on the movie we had recently catch on screen which my Darling went Mighty Morphenomenal in his own right (Right, I have no idea about that but oh well.) Yup, it's the Power Rangers with brand new suits, zords (Erm) and a whole lot evil pumped into it.

The Power is On !!
"Five ordinary teens must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove - and the world - is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it's too late, band together as the Power Rangers."

This time around the reboot had revamped the entirety of what makes the Power Rangers memorable during childhood to teenage years. There is a number of changes that would definitely pique interest in many and a whole number of response. Directed by Dean Israelite known for his work in Project Almanac, Power Rangers would be the third movie in total and a reboot. In the film, Zordon & Alpha 5 leads five high school students to form a team to stop the threat that would destroy the planet led by the Rita Repulsa, a former Ranger went rogue for more power.

Rangers UP!!
Honestly it is surprising that it took so long to reboot the Power Rangers franchise for a modern audience which along the way have seen major box-office success such as the Transformers franchise (Though Bay did mutilate it with too much boom, bangs and Hot Rod is coming soon, WOW). An avid viewer of the original television series back in the 90s during crunch time and skipping homework, not going to miss their first big screen appearance in twenty years but going to keep expectations to a minimum.

The sudden shift is felt throughout the movie but it's not without charm or humor. The detailing story for the origin of the benevolent sage (Can't break the image Cranston in Breaking Bad and it's hilarious) to the journey of being the protector in those chosen, which did translate into good transition between parts. The cast might be awkward being put together at fight without any martial art training prior (1995 Zordon, you had it better), but they do have their moments. This provides a little bit of bravado and less vanilla from the original show. If there is anything, it is limited only by a bunch of harden rocks or gigantic monster in molten gold of which may seem campy and predictable but then again this is Power Rangers, not Logan (James Howlett, you win).

You Five(5) are the elite fighting.. Err, let's just train.. 

Get of my rock !!
Being a Power Rangers movie, it is expected for the over-the-top cheesy finale that unfolds once they morph for the first time to the forming of the Mama-zord, Err MegaZord which by the looks great with whole new reimagine CGI though the finale comes after ninety minutes of semi- serious build up, this is Power Rangers for crying out loud though Optimus Prime might wanna check out the tech on the zords for the Autobots. Squeezing every ounce of the story into just over two hours makes those 25 mins episode look like a child's play.

That's new !!
There isn't really much that can be said about the acting in this film other than the five playing the Power Rangers which aren't all that bad and Elizabeth Banks has an absolute menacing presence as Rita Repulsa, a villain who has nothing about her except being pure evil, that makes a change for once (95's Rita, Eat your heart!!)

Now, where is my shiny shiny!!

Power Rangers didn't disappoint me at all because I wasn't expecting it to be anything that Hollywood is trying with other franchises. My suggestion would be to switch off all logic cells, get the biggest tub of popcorn and just let the insanity take over. Oh yeah, do check out the mid credit ending scene if you want to what is the buzz about on the next sequel. It's MORPHIN TIME !!!

Are you Ready?

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