Has A Cut Above PRIME time GONE?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Back then A Cut Above is the top in Hair Dressing industry, where EVERYONE know about A Cut Above, and still is till today.

QUESTION is, are they still the TOP? 
Has their Prime Time GONE??

Maybe not because when I ask some of my friends, most have lost their trust in A Cut Above and few of them didn't have a good experience there.  I felt sad hearing that as A Cut Above was once the best in town and all my girlfriends would die to have Winnie Loo to cut their hair. I am honoured to be able to try out A Cut Above for the first time and I did not place any high hopes because of the not so good feedback from my friends.

p/s: please read till the end of the post before jumping into conclusion.

So I picked Mid Valley branch as it is very convenient for me and I always do shopping there. When I arrived, I was greeted nicely and ask to wait for the stylist to attend to me... I had waited almost 30 minutes for the receptionist to clarify with their management on my hair appointment. Then I waited an additional 30 minutes for the stylist to clarify the type of hair treatment arranged for me. In total its an HOUR waiting time!!! Technically its fine with me because I brought my laptop along and I could do my work there and the WiFi connection is top notch, However it's all for naught if I happen to be pressed for time which then my schedule will be utterly messed up!

The stylist asked what colour I would like to dye this time and I said why not you suggest a colour for me. I told her I want my hair root to remain dark colour for easy maintenance and I would love some bright colour highlight. She suggested for me to dye Black with Blue highlight. She did not gave me enough time to think it through but kept repeating "ok?" and still in contemplation, I reply ermmmmm (because I am still thinking if the colour will turns out bright) and before I could decide she repeat her question again "ok?" and this time without waiting for my reply she went ahead to make the colour mixture. I was kind off guard and just follow her suggestion since she is the stylist which I want to trust her professional colour suggestion and mixing. Then she starts colouring my hair and did a treatment after that. She also help to trimmed my hair layer so that my hair does not tangled so easily.

After the blow dry, I look in the mirror trying to look for the blue colour highlight but I cant find any. Even under lighting I could barely see any visible blue silhouette. The stylist told me that the blue will showed up after a few wash. So I went home and wash a few round but for almost two week, I did not see any blue. It's just BLACK... and heck this is the first time I have to wash my hair to see colour results...Usually, results show immediately after blow dry at salon.

Do you see any BLUE??

Ok to be fair, there is a light blue sheen if your strain your eyes hard under bright lighting..... I am expecting the colour to turn like this...

Don't tell me because my hair is so damaged that it cannot hold the colours... Here is my previous hair colour which I did in other salon.

I reckon the stylist put too much black colour mixture and it could be that she is not into styling according to the latest trend. I didn't like the outcome and feel really sad over it. I also just recalled (as I am drafting the post now) that I should have stop her when she suggested to dye black, because once you go black, you never go back....

Jokes aside its true, once you dye black it's very hard to achieve light colour. I love having light ombre colour on my hair and it seems like I won't be able to do so anytime soon. Friends is asking me why do I dye my hair to black, honestly didn't know how to answer them....Not like I asked for BLACK!

So I contacted A Cut Above again and tell them my hair situation, immediately they reschedule me to fix my hair with another Senior Hair Stylist in Pavilion branch.  Putting one last time trust on A Cut Above to fix my hair, I walk up to the Salon and this time no waiting. Immediately, I was ushered to my seat and the senior stylist patiently listen to my hair stories. Up to this point, my trust level is still 50/50 but I am happy with how A Cut Above manage this situation. They reply my email within hours and came back with actions on how to fix my hair.

Back to Pavilion branch, so I told my stylist (Lex) that I wanted a light colour but I am worried that my hair would be damaged badly if they were to bleach again. Oh in case you ask why bleach again, it's because the previous stylist dye my hair black so they need to bleach the hair again in order to achieve lighter colours. Lex told me, they would suggest to wash the colour off instead of bleaching and they will try their best to wash off as much as as possible and after that they will see the hair colour condition and let me know which type of colour I could go for. He also said that they will add on Olaplex treatment to further nourish my hair since my hair gone through quite a few chemical treatment. Sound very convincing and Lex made me feel that I can count on him to revive my hair!!!

Lex uses this Olaplex multiplier and perfector to remove all the colours from my hair.

and here is my hair colour after colour washing...

The staff here is very friendly too, the girl who's helping lex on the hair treatment is very friendly and down to earth. I feel so entertained talking to her....  So the process continue with hair colouring and we chose pink and purple as highlight and the existing black as base.

The hair dye they are using is from the brand Scruples.

After the hair colour, Lex uses the Olaplex to treat my hair...

Tadaaaaa..... Here is my hair after so many chemical treatment...

First Day

Day 3 after 1st hair wash

One week

The hair colour bleeds so badly when I wash my hair.... Massive colour washed out from hair in purple mostly and it stain my finger until the third wash...  Even now after almost three week the colours still fade when I wash. I have never experienced such long colour bleeding, usually about 1 week the bleeding will stop. BUT surprisingly, the colour still stay strong on my hair... Weird right? I know...because I feel the same... I thought all colour will be gone by 2 weeks because of the amount of colour fading.... Even with other hair colour I did elsewhere with not so much colour bleeeding would start to fade after 2 week. This colour amazed me, even my friend is surprised when I told them I did the colouring before CNY. Take a look at my current hair colour..

Look how vibrant the purple look even after 4 weeks!! I thought I will suffer from hair breakage after the hair dye because I experience it before few years back but kudos to Lex, no breakage experienced and COLOUR Game is still STRONG!!!

So I am really happy with the end result and the A Cut Above Pavilion branch is so way better in terms of styling, customer service and ambiance. Do you know all Hair Tools in A Cut Above Pavilion is from the famous GHD brand? Talking about luxury, what can be more lux than this?

Mistakes makes us learn to be BETTER!!

Well, mistakes happens and human is not perfect. I do make tonnes of mistakes myself and that is how I learn to be better. It's takes many years of experience to handle mistakes like this in a professional way and to come out with a perfect solution to solve the problems is something!! A Cut Above recognition in hair dressing industry is definitely something that I have to agree with when it comes to hair styling because nailing on the first time is hard but REVIVING a Plain Black Hair into beautiful Hues of Pink and Purple Hair is Harder! Don't you agree??

Nailing on the first time is hard but REVIVING a Plain Black Hair into beautiful Hues of Pink and Purple Hair is Harder! Don't you agree??

So long for now...see you in the next post...

For more info on A Cut Above pleas checkout acutabove.com.my 

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