Staycation in Cameron Highland

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Been wanting a staycation for the longest time ever... and I missed traveling to Cameron Highland mostly because of the cold weather and steamboat in cameron is my favourite thing to do when it's so hot down in KL.


It's been 5 years since I last visited Cameron Highland and it seem like quite alot of new place that I have not visited. So while I were searching for new site to visit in Cameron Highland I found this particular website by Expedia which is really comprehensive and have really detailed information on Cameron Highland. They list out all the tourist spot in one map which enable me to plan which spot to visit first.

and by clicking each spot, the details guide the spot it showed on the website too. You can read a brief description on the tourist spot you plan to visit to decide if it's for you. Info like operation hours is available as well...

Entrance fee is also included, so you don't need to look on different source for all info.

There's also suggested restaurant nearby. So you can opt for the restaurant that fancy you. My favourite steamboat is available at May Flower which according to expedia is one of the most famous one in Cameron.

and most importantly the accomodation. With just on click, various type of accomodation will be available for me to choose from... From fancy to cosy type and from hotels to B&B....All in one website....

Alright I got to go get packed up for my Cameron staycation now... See ya in the next post!

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