MAC Nut Cracker Lipstick & Blusher Review

Thursday, January 05, 2017

So I posted on this MAC Nut Cracker series a while ago on instagram and many of you request for full review on this range... So I decided to put down my thought on this range. Honestly when I saw the sneak peek of the MAC Nut Cracker collection for Christmas I feel in love with the packaging... Ever since this collection has make it's way to my heart that I constantly checkout MAC store if this is launch in Malaysia.

The moment I got info that it launched I drove all the way to KLCC to purchase it. I think the main reason why I fell in love with it is because of the packaging itself...The fuhcsia and plum purple is like the best combination ever and so my kind of colours!

Initially I wanted to get eyeshadow as well but the colour just not as appealing as what I see online. So, I got myself three item from this range instead . So, I got 2 lipstick and 1 blusher.

MAC Nut Cracker Lipstick So Good for You

I pick this colour out of other is because I have quite a number of pink lipstick and this red seem to have a hint of fuchsia in it. It's a cool tone red which look very pretty on my yellow skin.

It has a matte finishing and I find it quite drying. Probably its because of the matte finish. I find some MAC matte finish lipstick can be quite drying for me. However the Dita Von Teese was not the case. I guess it's on colour by colour basis. It requires around two swipe for full colour coverage on my lip so I wouldn't say it's very pigmented. The colour stays on pretty well but if I eat anything that will wipe pass my lip the lipstick tends to get wiped off too mostly on the inner portion. It leave a sheer finish on the lip after my meal, pretty much the expectation for matte lipstick

Here is the swatch for both lipstick and also the blusher.

MAC Nut Cracker Lipstick Leap Of Delight

Another colour is a colour I have always wanted buy because I do not have any dark lipstick color. Thus is colour just come right on time. It's a deep purple plum shade. This colour is really pigmented even with just one swipe. It's matte finish too and this is not as drying as the So Good for You. I have not wear this out a whole day yet so i cannot be sure if this can last through my meals. However, I really like how the colours turns out..

p/s: sorry on the dark photos because it was taken at night.

MAC Nut Cracker Magic Dust Powder Sweet Vision

This blusher is one of my favourite among the whole range. Reason being is that I always wanted a blusher from MAC and this is one of the newest formula from them. This Magic Dust Powder is a translucent ultra-fine, light-catching pearlescent powder for face, neck and décolleté.

It has a shimmering base which I really like. It feels like the blusher is a 2 in 1 product. Using this blusher I can skip the highlighter. This blushes has a pinky peach with gold pearl. I am only using MAC blusher for the first time so not sure how good is this compared to their standard blusher but I find their blusher very pigmented. So one swipe is sufficient, my first time using I swipe twice and it's too much... It's way more pigmented than Hour Glass and Too Faced blusher.

then on second time, I dab my brush lightly and the results is so beautiful!

Alright I guess I shall end this post now before it gets any longer... Did you get any tiem from MAC Nut Cracker range? I love to see it just tag me on insta, FB or just comment below and tell me your thoughts on it too.. For now adios....

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