Five-Paragraph Essay: writing from the scratch.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Essay writing assignments are widely used and can pop up in any class. How to be prepared and can you improve your writing skills to master this written tasks for good?

What makes essay writing assignments so important?

No matter where are you studying, without any doubts essay writing is a part of your educational plan. Students also find it difficult looking for material to research and describe in an essay. Moreover, they have to create a structure and fill it with sense. Some young people consider that essay writing is boring activity but in real life it has great impact on educational process.

Writing essay improves knowledge embedment; it helps memorising all the facts and figures received from different sources. Moreover, this activity assists in intellectual development as it is great exercise for future examination.

Essay writing also teaches students to evaluate, analyse and think critically. Having enough practice in school years’ young people will master their writing skills and will be obtaining high grades. Written assignments are the basis of solid ground that stimulates intelligence and improves overall intellectual development.

How to structure your essay?

Written assignments play a major role in exams, college application process – so don’t try avoiding essays at school, when you have time to master them. Today, anyone can simply buy essays of great quality, but here we will provide you with standard pattern to follow and create an essay in well-organized manner.

The first part that you are going to face is Introduction. This part should accomplish following goals:
Attract reader’s attention, so it is better to start with an intriguing statement or even with a joke. Surprise factor plays a big role as readers’ engaging in dialog.

Next goal is to introduce your subject and prepare reader for your thesis. The last goal is placing a powerful thesis statement that should convey your point of view.

Second major part is the body that usually includes three paragraphs - each limited to one main idea. This main idea is the one that supports your thesis. Here student also is expected to provide evidences to support main idea.

To link paragraphs together there are following words: moreover, on the whole, furthermore, as a result, for this reason, likewise, it follows that, naturally, by comparison, yet, surely.

The last part essay has is conclusion. This final paragraph summarizes everything discussed in academic paper and reinstates main thesis. This is the best place to point out once again essay’s main ideas but leave specific examples behind.

After the work is done it is better make a double-check in order to eliminate possible typos, make grammar or stylistic improvements. While proofreading your essay make sure all information is presented in a clear manner and easy to understand; sentences and paragraphs have structure and style of the paper is appropriate.

Give it a rest for few days and only then look through it again. This is an important assignment that demands all of your attention in order to succeed.

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