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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hey everyone, We are back again with another gastronomic experience which brings us to Publika, Solaris Dutamas. We'll be visiting ANTE - KL's Premier Pork Steak Restaurant and yes, there is loads pork which would be a swine lovers paradise.

ANTE is located at street level at Solaris Dutamas, which is to left of the parking entrance from the main road. The interior ambiance looks like part of some mafia movies scene with old fashioned tiling, soft hanging lights, and burgundy studded sofa lounges.

ANTE @ Publika
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Let's begin with the Miso Pork Belly. The belly is slow cooked for 12 hours under low fire to maintain the soft texture and moist of the meat with the miso glaze for flavour which is an ideal union as the natural taste of the meat is evident and not overwhelmed by the miso. Topped with sprinkle of herb crust (baked bread crumbs mixed with butter, a bit of miso with thyme herbs)

Miso Pork Belly - RM 19.00
Bacon, nope Kevin is not in the house. Served in three thick slices of bacon seared to give it a slight crust, the bacon is made in house by the team which is served with seeded mustard. I must say though it's tad thicker than regular, doesn't hit as much as one would expect from after all, a bacon.

House Smoked  Bacon - RM 19.00

On the wooden platter which would be the Tasting Platter, an array of delightful cold platter spread that tickles your fancy and curiosity. The platter consists of Jamon Iberico Ham, Spanish cured ham, Duck Breast cubes along with extra virgin olive oil infused rockmelon and ricotta. Sourdough bread with Lescure French Butter is served with it to balance the taste which the amalgam taste could be tad overwhelming.

Tasting Platter - RM 46.00
One of ANTE's exclusive salad available at ANTE PUBLIKA is the Crispy Trotter Salad. the salad is comprised of mixed lollo lettuce, young papaya and mango with pecan nuts, pomegranate seeds with a dash french vinaigrette dressing and fried pork trotter skin sprinkle on top.

Crispy Trotter Salad - RM 29.00
Another ANTE's pick salad, Garden Duck Salad. The salad is comprised of baby romaine, tossed with grilled watermelons, cherry tomatoes, pecan and a zesty orange brandy dressing adorned with duck breast slices on top. The juiciness of duck breasts evident when bite on and the sweetness of grilled watermelons, cherry tomatoes and the orange brandy dressing complements it.

Garden Duck Salad - RM 27.00
ANTE's Chargrilled Pork Steaks
The signature pork steak category has a total of 4 cuts, each with its own signature sauce and accompaniments. It is said to be the pride and joy of ANTE as featuring different cuts of the meat, grilled to ensure flavour and texture. Each dish is also paired with different sauces and meticulously select components to complement the dish. All cuts are handpicked and manicured before cooking, ensuring quality in every slice. After cooking, all steaks are temperature checked for doneness before serving.

Pork Striploin Daine is tender loin meat with a strip of fat that is cooked Diane style on a bed of green pea mash and roasted russet potatoes drenched with a mushroom brandy sauce. This is particular easy going for those on lean.

Pork Striploin Diane - RM 42.00
Pork Striploin Black Pepper Sauce is served with a black pepper sauce, fries, caramelized onions, frisee & oak leaf lettuce.

Pork Striploin Black Pepper Sauce - RM 38.00

Pork Shoulder
is well marbled cut of dark meat on the bone. This particular cut is rather tender and showcases that pork has dark meat that when grilled adequately, makes a terrific steak. Served with herbed rosemary garlic sauce, mashed potatoes, frisee & oak lettuce. I honestly enjoy this cut as the meat texture is moist and flavourful without any sauce which appeals to me tremendously.

Pork Shoulder - RM 52.00
Pork Ribeye is a composition of lean white meat, marbled dark meat and strip of fat, chargrilled to seal the flavours and create that melt in your mouth sensation. Paired with a truffle browned butter sauce that complements the meat well, and served along with roasted russet potatoes, frisee and oak leaf lettuce.

Pork Ribeye - RM 52.00

Char Siu Curry Cream is arguably a unique pasta dish that we have ever tried. It's in house made char siu on top of a bed of linguine tossed with curry, eggplant ragout and shimeiji mushrooms. The result - tad spice and a pathway of spectrum in taste.

Char-siu Curry Cream - RM 33.00

Carbonara is a classic dish, which is a part of ANTE's signature dishes. The pasta is made with cream, pork bacon, button mushrooms and egg yolks. Tad creamy and pretty normal.

Carbonara - RM 30.00

Valrhona Chocolate Delice 
- A layered dessert using feuilltine as a crisp base, the top layer is entirely made up of Varlhona dark chocolate. Adorned with cocoa soil, almond flakes and earl grey tea infused cream and fresh strawberries. A chocolate lover's ideal dessert for something light and comfortable after a hearty meal. A signature dessert available only at ANTE

Valrhona Chocolate Delice - RM 21.00
Creme Brulee - Prepared in the traditional french style, the custard is sous vide while ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and retain moisture which then topped with snow sugar and caramelized with a blow torch served in a glass jar. A cracking dessert, followed by a spoonful of delectable custard. I was tad skeptical on how would it turn out but it is relatively good.

Creme Brulee - RM 21.00

Apple Crumble - RM 18.00

The meal is exquisite especially those steak cuts that really leave an impression by its individual presentation and taste. A must try for swine lovers out there and bring friends or partner as those cuts could be tight on those tummy. Thank ANTE for having us on the day and we hope they will continue create new items for the menu which we might drop by again very soon !!

ANTE Kitchen & Bar
A2 – G1 – 09 Solaris Dutamas 1
Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel: 03-6206 3364

Opens Daily: 11 a.m - 10 p.m

instagram: anterestaurant

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