Our Anniversary

Monday, October 10, 2016

On this date marks as our 6th Anniversary and so I decided to write a short summary to commemorate our Anniversary. Independent and go-getter, Cindy is without a doubt my perfect partner, my queen and my equal in all aspect.

I have been attempting to articulate on numerous occasions how I feel for you going on our 6th year together as a couple and being married early of the year. Being committed and passionate, every year has been better than the last and it is practically outlandish for me to try and think that I could even love you all the more yet I do every day. Every second of everyday consistently, you have graced my life and I'm truly blessed having you beside of me.

From those days

Indeed there are moments that blow over the top but much more in goodness and we illuminate each other by bringing the best in each other. Really, how could I love you more? I will tell you. I love the sparkle in your eyes and the smile you give me so often, your uncontrollable burst of laughter when the joke is on me. I love that you never stop believing in and always encourage me to go further while doing better.

You are the one that I have dependably relied on through the delight and distress, which you have always kept me grounded. You have been there for me as the days, months and years progressed, while your dedication has never vacillated regardless of what I have said or done, you have been there. I have grown because of you and I know that I will continue my path in life with you by my side. I used to ponder what I did to deserve you yet then one day I understood that it is not a matter of deserving by any stretch of the imagination. Fate brought us together and Love unite our hearts as one.

“Life's beautiful moments, I truly believe, is the revelation of another person with whom one’s relationship has a developing profundity, magnificence, and satisfaction as the years goes on. This inward progressiveness of affection between two individuals is a most magnificent thing; it can't be found by searching for it or by enthusiastically longing for it. It is a kind of heavenly mischance” 

Together, we'll walk the path.
We may find ourselves on rough path ahead but I want you to know that I will always be there. To hold and protect you until the very end. To love and nurture, We will travel this life to whatever destination together. I am here for you in all ways not because I have to but because I want to more than anything.

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