Ladies Night @ Soju

Friday, October 28, 2016

Helloooo everybodyyyyy... I have been really busy and did not have time to post much here!!! I miss writing here sooooo muchhhhh..... Today, I am back with some update of my life...So on a random Thursday night, me and my girlfriend meet up for a dinner after work....

Actually that was like our first actual date after we know each other and girl we have so many thing in common and so we clicked so well that we become best friend now!!! So we were suppose to go check out Sephora VIB sale and then dinner... We roam around in Sephora and came out with a bag each... Aivy got herself Tarte in Bloom and I got O&M Hair Treatment and Beauty Blender!! We were both happy girl!!! We then proceed to dinner... I have never tried any Taiwanese Restaurant beside Din Tai Fung or the Shinlin snack bar (does it count) and Aivy suggested we go to this Taiwanese Restaurant... Sorry I dont remember the name of the restaurant as we were so into our chatting topic I did not pay attention on the name but it was near the parkson exit. The food there were really good but can be too much seasoning (maybe too much ajinomoto too). The waiter though like just got up from bed, walking and talking like zombie.... Sigh....gave me a wrong dish, not the one I ordered.... Well not really important because the wrong dish taste pretty good!!! We had really good time chatting over dinner....

After that long dinner, we went to walk around pyramid and then suddenly a crazy idea strike my head..... I uttered hey, let's go for a drink..... and Aivy agree to my crazy idea without second thought (girl if you reading this, thank you for agreeing hahhaha love you for that) and we think where can we have good drink over good music...Actually good music is the key! We were at blue atrium side and there's nothing here and we also park near this end.... We were rather stupid, we had dinner at old wing near parkson and we walk to blue atrium side and then we walk back to old wing in hope to find some cool bar/pub to chill!

We arrived at La Bodega and meeehhh no songs and very noisy...then we stop at rainforest...god they play those 80s songs.... zzzzzzzzzzzz......... and then I recall soju is nearby... We stop for a while because we were not dressed for clubs....We were both wearing a casual top with jeans and I was wearing flip flop! Yes FLIP FLOP!! FTW! So we still walk to Soju to try our luck see if they let us in!!! It's our lucky day! It's ladies night and they let us in despite our casual outfit (shyyyy....)

Soju is already in Halloween decoration and the entrance is the coolestttt!!! There's LED light that look so reall!! As we walk pass it feels like the light going to cut through us!!! It was really fun to pass through it...I lost count how many time we pass through it simply because it's so fun!!! It's feels like we are in some kind of detective movie or crime movie where the robber going into some safe room to steal something really expensive!

and we get a cocktail for free, perks of being lady!! The song that they play that night was really good...We like those mainstream edm pop alike songs that you always hear in radio or on the top list in Spotify....and after like 30minutes, the band start to play some really bored music...We were quite disappointed but thank god those were warming up, their songs is getting better and better.... We were really enjoying the band performance and our cocktail..

and then the DJ took over and drop some really great EDM!!! We dance over the music, it's been so long since I last dance to great songs!

The performance just doesn't stop there... A few of the performer came out with fire in the their mouth and did some really cool tricks... the show continues with dancer in LED light and also some electric costume flying dance... It was really cool! I feel like I pay to watch performance not to club!!! best performance in a club ever!!!

the flying dancer!!

Both our phone left with few % battery so we did not take much pictures but I managed to take some short videos!



behind our table were a few rich fag keep ordering drinks and champagne with fireworks....So loaded...

and they order this heart shape shots!!

and then apparently a guy were bit drunk and try to call one of the girl to go over his table but the girl resist....The guy walk over to her table to invite her over... were really quite funny to watch while we there hahaha....

and the band continue to perform where he ladies take over to sing... There is this girl who look like Rihanna from far and she sang all rihanna song very well!! I really like her performance!


You can request for song and we did too!!! We request for the famous jam, CLOSER!! sadly they did not sing my song for a few rounds already... I were so sad as I thought, may be they really don't know how to sing the song!!! But but just before we decided to leave they sing the song!!!!!! OMGGGGG i was so so happy, it's like fulfilling my dream!!! Perfect way to end our night! 

Just before we leave the place we pass through the LED light entrance for few more time...for some reason passing through it makes us scream in happiness!!! It was really a crazy and fun night!!! When we done partying we recall both our phone's battery is dead and our car were at the other end of pyramid... OMG it's really dangerous for two of us to walk back all the way to our car....On our journey back we saw a lot of police rounding, so it's quite safe I assume but still do not be like us kay? If you wanna go Soju park nearer ya and make sure your phone has sufficient battery!!! It's really far to walk back to our car... We stop for a while for a selfie our tipsy face hahaha!

and that's how our Thursday night end..... Never really thought we would party that night.... I sure miss partying in Soju and looking forward to return someday real soon!! Phewww this post is rather long, hope I did not bored you anyway I got to go now... See you guys soon XOXO...

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