Jefflee Hair Salon Review @ Uptown Damansara

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Heloooooooo, time to share with you my new hair colour I did at Jefflee the Hair Company. It's been a while since I last change my hair colour.  So I read about their Korean hair spa and was really surprised that this hair spa include shoulder and back while you lie down on their bed. Really interesting huh? So I decided to went ahead to check it out what is all about.

Arriving at Uptown, looking for parking is tough. And if you planning to go please park at basement, plenty of parking.... the entrance will be at the back of jefflee salon. Just make a round and you will be able to see it I think. Don't you ever think of double park in front of the salon because your car may be tow away by the time you finish your treatment.

I really like the interior of the salon, very modern looking and give a fresh look on the common salon I went.

Actually didn't know what colour to go for but I told Jefflee I want my hair top to remain dark so I don't need to touch up and the bottom can go a little crazy... We then decided to do a ombre purple and blue colour for the bottom section.

My hair dye is done bye Zyon and no bleaching on the hair that already bleach only the middle section were bleached. I find that Zyon apply too much pressure when doing my hair because i feel rather pain as he pull my hair and spread the hair dye on my hair. When washing hair he press quite hard on my head too.... Also I dislike the basin where my hair wash as the neck support is rather not comfy. My neck feel really painful when lying on it...I think it's too hard....

After the hair dye, we proceed to Korean Hair Spa, the one I am so excited for. Marcus were the one do did the hair spa for me. Thank god the stylist changed and I had really great spa experience with him. Jefflee Salon has two level and the Korean Hair Spa is done at the top level. If the ground level is full hair cut/ hair treatment can be done at level two as well.

So let me know share with you what this Korean Hair Spa do. This hair spa is done while you are lying down.  Then the staff will then massage your back and shoulder, to relax yourself and ease all the muscles in your body. During the process of your hair treatment, you can feel the pleasant sensations drifting away into a calm and quiet place over taking your body and mind.

First he wash my hair using mint shampoo which are for damage hair because I dye my hair quite frequently. The shampoo also help to deep cleanse my hair because my hair follicle is blocked due to the frequent chemical treatment. After that he apply a hair mask to repair hair cuticle and followed by steaming the hair to repair hair cortex. Lastly he apply a leave in treatment which helps to provide UV protection and heat protection to the hair. I really like the massage and how it make my hair really hydrated. Also the additional back massage is sure a plus point because you get hair treatment plus massage at one price how great is that??

Only thing is, the song that they play is a little bit too loud and not so soothing type. However my friend just went there and she said they play a very soothing song when she did her hair spa. One important thing is that most of the stylist there are men so if you are not used to massage by men then you need to request for woman stylist. When I was there I never expect him to massage my hand and back, I was a bit shock too but good thing is he is quite cute ah so wouldn't really mind a cute guy massage me (just saying). So if you are single then maybe can ask for Marcus ^_^ hehe.... 

Here is how my hair look on the first day.

and after I wash my hair here is how it look!! The colour is really nice!! The ombre purple on the middle portion is really nice, it can only be seen under light.

I would recommend you to look for Jefflee for hair cut and for Korean Hair Spa or other hair treatment look for Marcus. For more info do checkout their FB page. 


For pricing please call up to enquire as different hair length is different pricing.

Jefflee the Hair Company
51G & 51A, Uptown 37, 
Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan. MALAYSIA.

Contact No: +603 - 7731 6866

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