B Cascade @ Cascade Kota Damansara Review

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

B Cascade, is a simple name but sometime Life can be happier when things is simpler. While we are always in pursuit of being ever better (to become A, of course). We are also all about being in-the-moment. B in the Present. Be Honest. Be Yourself. Because life is about opening up to what you are feeling and immerse in the experience of the here and now. Just like how good dining should be experienced: non complicated, enjoyable. This is how B Cascade interpret this lifestyle into their playful fusions of Western cuisine with a touch of the Orient, an interplay between produce from local markets and carefully-selected ingredients from around the globe.

Be in the now. B delighted. Just B

The ambiance is really good at B cascade, the rustic interior with dark wood furniture so give a very warm and cozy feeling. I am totally buying the idea of Just B!!! I was told that the chef (a Malaysian) had many years of experience working in Maldives. So all the dishes here are infused with authentic European flavour fusion with the local taste.

We sample quite a number of food and here a few of my top pick!!!

This Seduktive Salad is best to open up your appetite for the heavy meat dishes later on. It has tangy and sweet flavor mixed in the fresh salad leaves underneath the tender smoked duck.

Seducktive Salad RM19.90 

Prefer seafood in your salad? Go for the Couple salmon salad.

Couple Salmon Salad RM 21.90 

This Crispy Fried Butterfly Anchovies sure steal everyone's heart. It's so crunchy and crispy without being overly salty perfect pairing for a glass of beer.

Crispy Fried Butterfly Anchovies RM 18.90

Being a bacon fan this Bacon Cheese Bomb sure is one of my favourite. The oozing cheese wrapped inside the thick layer of bacon is just delicious!! It's ok I don't mind the cheese, let's forget about diet!

Bacon Bomb RM 24.90

B's Indecent Oriental Roulade RM38.90

Seafood tomato soup RM 23.90

The star of the day is definitely this Meat Platter that will unleash the carnivore in you. The Meat Platter contains Fried Finger Luncheon meat, Grill Chicken, Grill Beef, Grill Lamb and Fried Pork Belly. I especially love the Crispy Pork Belly, the juicy and melt in the mouth belly with crispy skin can never go wrong. Grill Beef and Lamb were all good too... Not overly done, just how I like it

Meat Platter

Pepperoni Pizza is pretty common, but Pizza de Chorizo is something new. I love how the extra strong flavour of the Chorizo compared to Pepperoni. Crisy and flavourful pizza I would say.

Pizza De Chorizo RM 35.90

The Babelicious Burger is tad too salty for me though.

B's Babelicious Pork Burger RM 32.90

There is a a huge seafood selection that you can go for this Seafood Maniac Platter. This platter consist of Baked Half Scallop, Fish n Chip, Grilled Scampi with Garlic Sauce and also Grilled Squid with Teriyaki Sauce. Best to serve when it's still hot. Scampi and Fish & Chip are my favourite in this platter.

Seafood Maniac RM 188

If you are fish lover like me can go for B's Cod in the Act.

B's Cod In The Act RM 78.90

If you want something to warm your tummy can go for this B's style Scallop Alio Olio Pasta. The cili padi inside will definitely will kick start your taste bud.

B's Style Scallop Alio Olio Pasta RM 48.90

Spicy Bacon Paste RM 32.90

Iberico Pork

There is also meal for kid. So need not worry for your little's ones.

Chicken Little - Chicken Caesar Wrap RM 18.90

Now we come to dessert. My favourite is off course the brownies!! It gone in seconds!


Peanut Butter Cheese Mousse RM 23.90

Creme Brulee RM 21.90

All in all i find the food fare well. Definitely go for the meat and the pizza too... I love that it's easy to find parking here and that it's free for weekend. So do drop by B Cascade if you up for some fusion western food.

B Cascades

A-G-08 & A-G-09, Dataran Cascades
No.13A, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara PJU 5,
47810 Petaling Jaya ,Selangor.

Tel: +603-7629-4086
Operating Hours: Daily from 12.00pm -1.00am

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