Yureska x Cindysplanet at Market19 @ Jayaone

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

So if you were at Jaya One Markets two weekend ago probably you have seen my store up near Doi Chaang Coffee. and thank you so much to all friends who purposely come all the way to visit me. Love you guys so much.

There is seriously so many popup stores that day selling very unique items... Some sell collectibles item like those from marvel comics, some sell kimonoes, there is even a store selling handmade soap and bath bomb and various yummy food.....

Look at those rainbow bathbomb by Wunderbath. So pretty right?

and there is this surprise Funky Box which contains all sort of handcraft material for you to DIY at home...

Honestly those food truck at the path in front of the School sell really delicious food! My top pick is the Assam Laksa, Meatball and Churros!!!

and on the inside, there's many homebaker that sell cakes and breads... oh there is also this stall that sell really delicious Nasi Lemak!! My friend purposely came all the way for it!! Sadly I did not get to try it, were too busy at my stall :(

We blogger really had fun selling all our preloved stuff... Being a shopaholic, we buy a lot of things that we end up not using at all....and it's really helpful that we able to found a new owner for our preloved babies!!and of course my new clothing line, Yureska were doing good at the market too!!

Look I am doing work okie?

and to end this post here is a group picture of us at Markets 19.

So Markets @ JayaOne will return again on 15th & 16th October, The School, 11am – 7pm, so remember to checkout this coming October if you missed out the last one... Got to go for now!! Bye Bye!

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