Chosungah 22 is in Malaysia + Quick Review

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hey yall... How's your week so far?? Today wanna introduce to you a new brand from Korea that just hit our shores.... Are you ready to checkout these goodies???

Warning: packaging is super adorable and girly!!!

Chosungah derives from the principle that makeup is a fun process of finding one's strength instead of hiding one's weakness and that "Makeup should be simple and fun". I do find their makeup is really fun to play with. That cute polka dot design sure make everything look fun and to add on, their face product are very innovative. Their face product feature all in one function and easy to use application.

They have quite extensive makeup range I would say but colour option is not that much yet. Here are some of the  key product from Chosungah.

The Fresh Mix C&T Blender with SPF 30++ is a all in one foundation that provides fresh mixing of the best ingredients just before you apply the foundation onto your face that will create best conditioned skin. I have tried this, the coverage is very light, just lightly brightened my complexion but does not offer any coverage I feel.... I also find the sponge is a little rough for my skin.... I am not a fan of this though...

 Fresh Mix C&T Blender with SPF 30++ , RM 159

The next key product is their Brow Makers. I find this product really brilliant as it has the pencil and brush in one wand... So cool eh? I did not try this out so not able to provide a feedback to you...

Brow Makers, RM 89

From the demonstration by the makeup artist it seem promising.... If you had try this let me know what u think k?

Next item is my favourite, the Jello - O Color Kit. This one comes in a matte color kit to provide delicate shading and a sparkling color kit with dazzling and glittering pearls. It has a soft buttery jelly texture almost similar to colour pop eyeshadow but more moist. If you looking for super pigmented shade then this may not be for you. Like most Korean brand the eyeshadow is quite sheer and natural.

Jello - O Color Kit, RM 169

Another signature product is Dual Lip Tint & Gloss. Comes in a vibrant tint and a natural gloss colour to keep the lip hydrated.. I do like the tint but the gloss is way too sticky for me... The gloss is rather thick too and can be hard to spread on the lip....

Dual Lip Tint & Gloss, RM 89

Dual Lip Tint & Gloss Swatch

The Flavorful Lipstick is better in my opinion. It has a matte finish but not super opaque. These colour can be use daily since it's not solid opaque.

Flavorful Lipstick Swatch

and this Wonder Juice is a cleanser... Smell like fresh juices!!! Love it so much!!

These sweet cheek smoother helps apply blusher in minutes...

I also try the Bounced Up Pact, I really like this one... It finishes matte like you need to set with powder at all... It has a light to medium coverage!!!! I got a shade that are too light, I am thinking to get a darker shade because I really like the finishing!!

So yeah above are some of the product I tried....Do go to your nearby Sasa to check it out k?

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