Chili's Malaysia @ Jaya Shopping Mall Review

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hey everyone, we are back with an exciting review on one of my favourite place which is Chili's.
With a track history of 22 years in Malaysia, Chili's continues to serve from mouthwatering burgers and tantalizing chili which proved a potent combination, Chili's is a Tex-Mex restaurant, where they serve Southwestern-inspired and classic American flavors, with a hint of Mexican. With an array of new items revamped and added to their growing number in the menu, let's go and check it out.


Spoiler Alert!!! The appetizers looks so scrumptious that is tad difficult to say no to. Going for the “Triple Dipper as the name implies, combine 3 favorite appetizers and have it on the platter which is served with fresh celery sticks and dipping sauces. For our platter, we chose the Wings Over Buffalo, Southwestern Eggrolls and Spiced Breaded Onion Rings.

Wings Over Buffalo 
Those feiry looking chicken drummettes is tossed in their spicy Buffalo wing sauce which posed a blend of unique taste between sourish spice. Fiery as it looks, tasty is the key. It is served with fresh cold Ranch dressing and celery sticks. Nothing like a chilled ice beer to go with it.

Wings Over Buffalo with our Triple Dipper Appetizer
Southwestern Eggrolls
The size of the eggroll may look intermidating however the appetite would lunge out for a snacking. The eggroll is comprise of crispy flour tortillas stuffed with juicy chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeño Jack cheese, chopped green peppers and spinach. The slight crusty tortilla envelops the ingredient with the soft texture of the jack cheese into a mouth bite of delight. There is house-made dressing Avocado-Ranch served on the side for dipping.

Spiced Breaded Onion Rings
Looking at the round donut looking, the onion rings is pretty interesting. The onion rings is breaded and sprinkled with their Southwestern spices. Though the breaded is tad thick, the spices compensate for the flavour. It is served with house-made Ranch dressing.

Triple Dipper™ - RM34.20

After going through a bout with the appetizers, it's time to hit on those mains and those memories of juicy steak with sizzling fajitas served on soft warm tortillas, just hit the appetite chord;


Slicing into part with the 8 oz “Premium Tenderloin”, it is available to be topped with personal choice of Chili's special seasonings or Cajun spices along with seasoned butter. My personal preference would be the cajun as consist of a blend of salt with most common being cayenne pepper and garlic along  with a variety of other spices. Notably the meat texture was tender though tad dry, perhaps should've go with another doneness (We had picked Medium well instead of Medium). The portion is served with loaded mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies.

Premium Tenderloin - RM77.95

This had definitely caught my attention as it has been a while since ordered their seafood (More of a meat lover), the “Ancho Salmon” 8 oz. Salmon chile-rubbed and seared, drizzled with citrus-chile sauce while topped with chopped cilantro and crumbled feta cheese to create a balance in taste would be a delight to salmon fish lovers. The juice is retained in the texture during searing that allows the natural taste of the fish evident in every bite.

Ancho Salmon - RM42.95
We tried their Mushroom Jack Fajitas. Fajitas would appeal to most that enjoy tex-mex cuisine and what better way to have mains with the sizzling fajitas? Wrap with the warm soft tortillas and sink the teeth into the juicy, marinated grilled chicken smothered with Jack cheese, beef bacon, and fresh sautéed mushrooms which is served with onions, green bell peppers and in house fresh made salsa.

Mushroom Jack Fajitas - RM40.70
Beef - RM51.75
Combo - RM48.25
Veggie (mushrooms only, without chicken and beef bacon) - RM40.75

Nothing like having dessert after a fulfilling meal and safe to say that many would reserve a space for it.


We were told that Skillet Toffee Fudge Brownie would be ideal for subtle dessert without overdose of sugar rush. True to that, the Oven-baked toffee brownie is topped with vanilla ice-cream, drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with toffee pieces. Every bite is utter enjoyment.

Skillet Toffee Fudge Brownie- RM17.95
The source of the flowing sin lies within the Molten Chocolate Cake. Chili's have maintained their lineage well with this dessert as one bite into it brings indulgence in the moist chocolate cake with melted chocolate center core topped with vanilla ice-cream and a crunchy thin chocolate shell. That's indeed a lot of chocolate and would certainly appeal to all chocolate lovers out there.

Molten Chocolate Cake - RM22.05
Molten Chocolate Cake (Unearth the Molten core)
Thanks to Chili's Malaysia for having us and it's a great dining experience.
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