Bye Bye Fake Lashes | Realash Eyelash Enhancer Review

Monday, August 01, 2016

I am never a fan of fake lashes because it takes time to put in on and sometime it makes my eyes very tired... I do not fancy lash extension either because remove makeup with extension on can be very tedious... I receive a gift from Realash few weeks ago, It contains Realash Eyelash Enhancer whereby I think I can bid goodbye to fake lashes in 30days time!

This time around they came out with an upgraded formula.The new formula will reduce irritation and is suitable for sensitive and allergy prone skin. They have also repackaged the product and I must say it look so much more attractive now...My FB were flooded with blogger posting how happy they are with the packaging and that includes me... The mint lining on the geometrical shaped box is really interesting... It give the eyelash enhancer a whole new look.  I tried Realash before and the result is really good, you can read my previous review here. I am happy that now they came out with a new formula and brand new packaging. The box look go edgy isn't it?

I have been testing out the new eyelash enhancer and so far it's been good. I do not experience any problem with the current formula or the old formula even though I have sensitive skin. I had use it for about a week now, so far it's looking good and my lash seem look darker than first day using it. So here is how it look inside.... I absolutely love the mint theme, so sweet and yet clean looking..

They also sent me eyebrow enhancer, this comes right in time. I have been tryign to grow more hair new my eyebrow arch because I want to do a straight eyebrow... So you gotto stay tuned as I will be sharing the results in few weeks time... Can't wait to dump those fake lashes and rocking the staright eyebrows.

Okay this is a quick update on the gift I got from Realash, catch up with you guys in new post soon. Bye Bye...

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