Yureska Pre-Launching Sale ( My Brand is Launching finally)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello everybody!!!!!!! How was your Raya Celebration and for some, how was your long holiday? I saw many pictures and status updates on my FB newsfeed which seems like everybody had a good time last week and recharged to get back to the corporate life... As for me, I have some good news to share with everyone...... Dub-Lub-Dub-Lub-Dub-Lub, that's the sound of my heart pounding at the moment.... I am very excited as this is the first business conceptual idea by me and my bestie which is also a life long dream of mine to provide clothing that can fit everyone from petite to plusize. 

Notice: We have now rebrand our name to Yureska. "Yu" ( in mandarin) means have, Reska a.k.a Reka means design in Bahasa Malaysia. So in whole Yureska = We have Design for Everyone. All design is handpick by our staff to ensure the design not only being in the latest trend but also matched every size and suit to our Malaysia tropical weather.

Now let me present to you YURESKA, the brand created from sketch by me with the help of my bestie. We are going to have our pre-launching sale this coming weekend at Bazaar at eCurve before we launch this line on our online store.

As for now, the website "yureska.com" is still in progress and hopefully to launch by end of August. In the meantime, you all can come over to the bazaar at e-Curve to check out the clothing line as there is special pre-launching price for all clothing pieces from as low as RM40 each. Our bazaar is located inside e-Curve (indoor) not the outdoor ones and there will be fitting room available as well so you can try the clothes on before purchasing it.

A little bit about YURESKA, as some of you may already know that me being plus size have always encountered problem in getting the right sizes at affordable prices (you can read about my insight on being a plus size on this link). Hence why we create YURESKAYURESKA offers trendy clothing available in all sizes that will match everyone including those who seek for modest clothing. Our aim is to provide the best quality of clothes that will provide comfort to the wearer since Malaysia has tropical weather. YURESKA provide style from casual to office wear and currently has sizes that fit up to UK14. We are going to bring in more sizes in near future so for those who are size UK16 and up stay tuned. Every single piece of clothing is personally handpick by us to ensure the quality and cutting are top notch. Here is sneak peak of our Summer Collection which I wore when I was in Hong Kong. Some of you might see it already in my Instagram.

This Stripe Romper is perfect for those who seek for minimal style but still want to look dressed up. This is a separate 2 piece so you definitely mix and match this with other tops or bottom you have at home. You can easily recreate 2 more style for this piece.

The below is a simple button up top but with lace detail at the bottom to give some girly detailed to the top. The maxi flare skirt is made from fabric that provide good cooling properties ensure you will not feel hot wearing it. This skirt also helps curvy body to look slimmer due to the heavy material that help enhance the body curve. This combination is perfect for hiding my fats away and at the same time feeling comfortable wearing it.

Though I had work on this clothing line for a few months now but I conceive the idea since years ago. I have visualized it everyday but I did not kickstart it as there were concerns that it might not work out. Finally early this year with the support of my bestie, my hubby and family, I decided to launch this brand. We prepare everything all by ourself including the creation of the logo, picking & packing the clothing pieces, securing suppliers and printing all the tags & etc. Thus, please rest assured that everything is prepared with extra care along with all of our heart and commitment to give you the best quality in stylish clothing. 

Well since this is my blog, I just want to write down a little bit more on my feeling at this moment. I am very blessed to have so many support from family and friends whom had motivate me to kick start this brand. The moment when I was done creating the logo, looking at it make me feel that it looked really elegant and trendy, just the way I want it to be. At that moment I know I would want to do this for the rest of my life, curating clothing line for all my girlfriends no matter what size or what races they are. My clothing line is all about mix and matching which is why this fashion is fun and very personalize. Everyone wear every piece differently and that is why we are unique and beautiful in our own way. By creating YURESKA, I hope that all girls will be able to find the styles that are not only in trend, stylist but also comfortable and without the need of spend too much on purchases in pursue of fashion.

If you guys planning to visit me, do let me know here in the comment form below so I will be expecting you on that day. Do come and say hi and I love to meet my readers in person too. Till then I love to get some rest now....I'll see you this weekend at eCurve ya..... love all of you muacksss....

YURESKA Pre-Launching Sale at e-Curve

15,16,17 July 2016

from 10.30am till late

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