Loreal Paris Makeup Designer is here in Malaysia

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A month ago, I am honoured to be invited to the launch of Loreal Paris Makeup Designer. I didnt know what exactly it is but were guessing is another new line of makeup which I am very excited about as I saw a few youtuber share through the youtubespace... The packaging is something I looking forward to see... I am not disappointed... They look really elegant and stunning at the same time..

So what is Loreal Paris Makeup Designer exactly? It''s a new line created with 3 categories know as L’ARCHITECTURE DU TEINT (Face Architect), L’ART DU REGARD (Eye Artistry) & L’OBSESSION DE LA COULEUR (Color Obsession)

L’ARCHITECTURE DU TEINT (Face Architect): The skin is a canvas, meant to be accentuated with subtle hints of colour. Beautifully-flawless skin should appear bare, yet glow from within. The digital revolution has brought forth the need to create a pixel-perfect nude base for precise photography effect every single time. 

L’ART DU REGARD (Eye Artistry): Let your eyes do the talking with sophisticated details that take you way beyond conventional eye makeup. The ultimate French touch is sublimely tailored to perfection with sophistication and mystique. With a skilful flick of the brush, eyes are accentuated in a few simple steps and come alive with the look you have in mind.

L’OBSESSION DE LA COULEUR (Color Obsession): The quintessential Parisian beauty look is now yours, with an array of daring shades and textures to choose from. Work with a dream colour palette beyond your wildest imaginations, leaving lips accented with an infinite richness of colour. Create, enhance, reveal and flaunt your mood. Choose one colour and make it yours. Express it with confidence! 

Here are some of the product in this range...

Not only that, Loreal Paris Makeup Designer also created Makeup Genius, which lets you create your own look or try ready-to-wear looks curated by L’Oréal Paris makeup artists with the touch of a screen. Instantly, your smartphone is transformed into a mirror; and the makeup actually follows your face as you move and make expressions. Now, the term ‘try before you buy’ is no longer a dream, but a reality. Wow so impressive!!! You can try the colour on even when you are at home, no need to head to store for a swatch...

So if you have not download this app, you should go download it right away. I have try it, it's pretty interesting... Loreal definitely stepping up the game, i think they are the first to launch such app... Do stay tune on my blog for the review on the Loreal Paris Makeup Designer product ya... For now, I shall sign off..See ya...

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