Ippudo @ BSC, Bangsar

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ippudo Malaysia is having their menu for 2016 at their BSC outlet and we were invited to feast some of the new highlights which has array of interesting selections.

Going with the appetisers, we have Salmon Mango Salad. Yuzu dressing with thousand island sauce tossed in mango and salmon cut into cubes. Refreshing salad and the blend of taste by the sauce blends well though the mango is tad sour.

Salmon Mango Salad - RM 29.50
Next is the Amaebi Tartar. Served in the wasabi mixed sauce, the chopped avocado and ebi (raw prawn) with ebiko. The trick is to eat it with the dried seaweed served on the side. By rolling the seaweed into a bite size and it is just delish. The union between both ebi and avocado is amazing.

Amaebi Tartar - RM 34.00
Chicken Nanban, served on top vinegar mixed unagi sauce. The light fried on the crust while maintains the soft texture of the chicken. Eat with home made tartar sauce compliment the dish well.

Chicken Nanban - RM 16.00
Next up is a sushi salmon combination platter that appeals to many salmon lovers. We have the, Salmon Sushi Moriawase

Normal Salmon - Fresh Salmon slice on top the rice and it's bite size.
Aburi Salmon - Light seared salmon on the rice
Salmon Roe - Distinct raw taste of the Roe. This is our favourite among all.

Salmon Sushi Moriawase - RM 44.00

Next item is rather spicy which is the Seafood Foil Yaki. Served in the tin foil, steamed seafood platter: mussels, shrimp, squids and scallops served with spicy ponzu and assorted vegetables on hot plate. The strong spicy ponzu sauce is evident. Slightly sourish spice overwhelmed the seafood but the sweet hint taste by the ingredients creates a subtle balance in the taste.

Seafood Foil Yaki - RM 39.50
Featuring their first “Japanese Styled Mixed Ramen”, Mazesoba is served with thick chewy noodles and 9 uniquely selected complimentary ingredients. Mixture poached egg, char siew cubes, seaweed cuts, soba noodle, bean sauce Savoury, onion shred, spicy mince meat, daishi seasoning and garlic onion. A blend of taste and creamy texture as the egg mixed along with the ingredients. A rich and flavorful taste with a hint of spiciness along with a dash of lime to give a zest with black pepper ground. Serving on the side with a gyoza. We find the char siew cubes is a little too fat for our liking, we had feedback to the management and they will do some adjustment on this.

 Mazesoba - RM 28.00
Mazesoba (Mixed up)
Mazesoba (Gyoza) 1 serving per bowl
It's time for dessert which we have the, Watermelon Sherbet served with Cheese Cake and pineapple preserve. The sweet Sherbet and the dark chocolate chip is balance in taste and not overly sweet.

Watermelon Sherbet - RM 19.00
A new extension from their previous menu and whole lot new taste. Thanks to Ippudo Malaysia for the invite!

For more details, visit

IPPUDO @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

S135 Bangsar Shopping Centre, 
Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 
59000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan.

Operation hours:-
11:00 a.m - 12:00 a.m (Daily)

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