Cres Wellness Fruity Spa review

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Ever try Fruity spa before? Very rejuvenating and relaxing I would say... Just look at this setup done by Cres Wellness's staff?? Does it sweep away all your stress looking at it? Ok maybe not much if you see in this picture but when I am standing in front of the room I forget everything at work entirely!!!!!

The Fruit spa begins by a good back massage for about 30 minutes. She then apply a yogurt mask which will lightly sting th skin as it remove the dead cell from our skin. so the more dead skin you have the more stinging feeling you feel. After that she wrap me in a warm blanket. The heat is ok but thing is the stickiness of the mask feel uncomfortable for me because I really dislike any stickiness on my skin. Maybe it's just me.

After the wrap, I then move to the spa room (this is how I call it la) where the bath tub is located in. My mood really changes after I enter this room.... This a whole new experience soaking bath tub. I really enjoy the soak as there is tea and sweet beside the tub. Oh yes there is also magazines so I read it while I was soaking in it!!!!!! Only one thing is I wish it could have more bubble but you know me I am bath tub queen so I need my bath to be perfect. Other than that it is really good. I will definitely return again for this Fruity Spa.

Go try out yourself to experience that mood change as you walk into the room. I feel like I'm a queen...

Okay not gonna write longer, you better go try it out instead of reading this post ahhaha...see you in the next one bye bye...

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