Cress Wellness Detox Facial review

Monday, June 27, 2016

I returning to Cress Wellness for Detox Facial this time. One of the thing I like about Cress Wellness is the location. They have a lot o branch and I love going to Garden branch because I always do my shopping in Gardens. Also they are one of the facial place where they include good and long shoulder massage. I never like any facial with short massage time... It's stress after extraction hahaha... massage is the only thing I look forward beside clear and radiant skin.


I really enjoy the facial. They use a comforter as blanket instead of towel which is more comfortable. Also they provide a soft and huge bolster for you to rest your leg. She first start by deep cleansing my face for twice. After that she apply pineapple mask that helps to remove dead cell followed by scrub. After which she proceed to put some lotion to help soften the black head.
They do not use hot steam but cold steam instead. I am surprised, as fas as I remember they use a hot steam but the beautician told me they never use hot steam before... OMG am I that forgetfull that I forget? But anyway it's really new for me and it's more comfortable than using hot steam really. After the extraction they apply serum and massage my face... Ahhh... it feel so good...  She continue with some shouder masaage after that. The best part. After that she apply mask and massage my shoulder again with some essential oil. To end the whole session she apply moisturizer on my face. I love the facial expecially the cold steam and also the massage. It's so relaxing and my skin feel much smoother after the detox facial. My skin is so congested since I have been travelling for quite a bit lately. Here is my skin before and after.
So do go checkout Cres Wellness if you are looking for a good facial with relaxing massage.
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