Top 5 Celebrities Hair Done by Davis Wong

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Good morning girls... It's Wednesday, just two more days to weekend... You all know all my hair were done by Scissor Palace and the man behind this salon is non other than Davis. Last week I was there and he were the one who do my hair colouring this time.... I receive like hell lot of compliments on my new hair colour......

He did a dark brown with bright green colour at the ends using the Balayage style... That green is soo soo lasting.... Even I wash it everyday the colour is still there never fade at all.... He's is really good at making my hair look fabulous... You shall might have already know that he done quite a number of celebrities hair... So today I wanna share with you girls some of his famous work...

1. Sazzy Falak (Actress, Co Host & Celebrity) - Unicorn Colours

Davis did her hair for one of the popular talk show "Asia How Do I Look: Davis has work with her for over a year now changing her hair from ash - silver - purple - rose red you name it.  It's a colourful unicorn year for Sazzy Falak!

2. Yasmin Hani (Actress, Host & Celebrity) - The Famous Pixie Ruby Rose Hair Cut

The famous hair style Pixie by Davis totally made Yasmin Hair stands out! The very slick & chic short pixie , a strong look that Davis maintained for Yasmin become a sensation among those that has a strong personality.

3. Elizabeth Tan (Famous Singer) - The Warm Colours

Only Davis would know what to with her long sexy & elegant hair.... It's never easy for Davis to maintained her fabulous hair... Davis ensure her hair look fabulous by using warm colours.

4.  Azrinaz Mazhak Hakim (Celebrity, The Queen) - Miley Cyrus

Davis also did the honourable Cik Puan Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim's hair. He transform the conservative Quee to a new fabulous look for the  majesty's upkeep known as "The Miley Cyrus" mainly using cold colours. In her recent trip to Las Vegas, Davis creation stood loud and proud beside of course Jennifer Lopez.

5. Wak Doyok (Fashion Icon)

The famous fashion icon Wak Doyok with over 1million follower on instagram is one of David's client. Davis gave him, his signature pompodour armani with a slight tinge of ash matte silver...

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