Sheet Mask Showdown March/April 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hello loveliess... Are you constantly trying new mask??? I have been trying various mask and today I will be sharing some of the mask that I have try and my thoughts on them...

My favourite mask among all is definitely L'Herboflore Mask from Taiwan. They have the prettiest packaging I have ever seen in the market and they smell amazing too..... It comes in a thin material that fit the face perfectly and it allows easy absorption to the skin!!!! It kind of have this jelly kind of texture too when place on my skin which enhance the cooling effect! They have plenty of floral scent and also other scent and different function to suit the skin. Honestly I can't differentiate the effect it does to my face may be I need to use the same type for a month then I can compare the different effect it gave. Before this I ask my friend to buy in for me from Taiwan but they now have store in One Utama (I just found out minutes ago after checking their website).... So if you have not try their mask go ahead and try it already!!!! The only set back is that the mask price can be a little steep.

L'Herboflore Mask
L'Herboflore Mask

The next mask that I tried is this Nature Republic mask. They has the most stretchable texture among all I tried but the essence can dries out pretty fast... Not sure if that mean it's fully absorbed but for moisture level I don't feel that much on my skin. The mask material also quite soft, so it feel very comfortable on my face..

Nature Republic Snail mask & Nature Republic Aqua mask
Nature Republic Snail mask & Nature Republic Aqua mask 
Soo Beaute Best Friend Mask's essence give very good hydration and it doesn’t dries out fast….It stay on forever.... Also they only cost RM 2.50 each if you purchase at Sasa (4 for RM 10). The only set back is that the packaging is not as attractive!!! However, it does really hydrate my skin very well... scent not as good as L'Herboflore or Nature Republic ones.

The only reason I purchase the Guardian Jeju Tsubaki Mask was because it was on promo 4 for RM 10 as well... I was disappointed with the result... The material is rough and hard and not moisturising at all... I will buy the Soo Beaute one over this.

Soo Beaute Best Friend Mask
Soo Beaute Best Friend Mask & Guardian Jeju Tsubaki Face Mask
The last mask for this series will be from Innisfree.... I have always been a fan of Innisfree product but most doesn't really suit my liking on the texture part as they are mostly quite sticky for me... However, I really really love the Innisfree sheet mask... In fact the best dupe for L'Herboflore ones..... Also Innisfree product are free from harmful chemicals and they are all packed beautifully. Another point added for it's affordable price tag of only RM 4 each!! Their Rose and Shea Butter mask is my favourite so far. They have a soft material and smell amazingly natural (true to the original ingredient scent). Another mask range from Innisfree which is the Hydro Gel Mask which disappoint me so much as I have high hope them...They doesn't worth the price I pay for...Not moisturising at all and cooling effect were pretty negligible.... So get the normal mask from Innisfree instead of the gel ones...

Innisfree mask

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