KOSE SEKKISEI Herbal Gel Review

Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's every girls wish to have ONE yes I mean ONE product that can do all the job that every single product do our face!! Serum, Moisturiser and Mask all in ONE?? Hell yes!! I present to you KOSE SEKKISEI Herbal gel.

Kose just come out with this new SEKKISEI Herbal gel dubbed as wonder gel that combine 6 benefits in one convenient jar!! Yeah you heard right SIX benefits!! Are you blown away already???

Angelica plant extract delivers intense moisture, keeping your skin well hydrated while locking in a translucent glow.

Fermented coix seed extract help boost skin radiance while cocktail of plant-based oils soften skin for a highly emolient feeling. This will ensure skin stays soft and beautiful for hours.

This gel can also be used on sensitive skin as Mugwort extract soothes the skin. Using high concentration water based moisturizing ingredient, this Herbal Gel emulsifies upon contact with skin, creating a healthy glow with lasting suppleness...

The gel naturally plumps up skin with essential nutrients leaving skin beautifully soft to touch. All thanks to the Melothia extract contained inside the gel!

I was really happy to be the first few to get my hand on trying them during the launch...

During the launch we were all making our own flower tea and also our own glitter jar... So happy making all these...

Look at my pretty jar....

ok back to the Herbal Gel review. You gonna get my first hand experience on the gel!!! I tried it and I was a little disappointed with the texture... I am expecting it to be very light and not sticky because Jeffrey was raving about how light it is and being a guy he find its not sticky at all.... Ahhh this is totally sticky to me..nothing near the Laneige. I will still go for Laneige as the texture and scent both are better!!! in terms of results wise I find both Kose & Laneige are both very similar in term of hydration and radiance.... but that is me, I hear some of my other friend love it! What about you? Have you try out this latest KOSE SEKKISEI Herbal Gel? Do you like it?

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