Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice with Perfecto Popcornn

Monday, April 04, 2016

Good day everyone... Have you watched the Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice yet?

You know I am a big fan of movies and popcorn... I cannot live without these two things in my life seriously.... and its true that Happiness is Popcorn & Movie!!

There are mixed review for Batman VS Superman and I personally find it a little confusing. Thanks to le hubby (who is a big fan of the comic) who patiently explained to me what this movie is all about so I turned to like the movie although I still find the storyline a little too complicated. Nevertheless, we had a really good time enjoying the movie with PERFECTÒ Popcorn, the fully coated popcorn that we won’t be able to get elsewhere.....

PERFECTÒ popcorn comes in three flavours which are The French Vanilla, Ultimate Caramel, and Chocolate In Love. I had the caramel one during the movie and it tasted not as sweet as the ones sold elsewhere so its good for those who don't like their popcorn overly sweet.... I look forward to try the other two flavours... Let me know what is your favourite flavour after you have tasted them okay?

I really enjoyed the Batman VS Superman Dawn of Justice. Luckily I have the PERFECTÒ popcorn with me that I started munching and end up concentrating on it more hahhaha... I loved the Superman character more as he is so handsome and romantic... For some reason, Batman looks grumpy to me ahahha... He looks better without his outfit... Overall, I found that there are too many characters in this movie and I got a little confused. However, I love the Superman and Batman fighting scene. Oh, and Wonderwoman appeared to save Batman and now I can’t wait for Wonderwoman to have a movie of her own.. 

Thank you Nuffnang & PERFECTÒ popcorn for such an amazing movie night!!! I had fun catching up with some blogger that I have not seen for quite sometime.... oh and thanks Diana for the extra ticket for my hubby!!

PERFECTÒ popcorn can be purchased at all supermarket nearby you for RM4.50 for 85g and RM 7.50 for 160g. Alright guys I got to go now.. Let me know if you like the movie and go try out the PERFECTÒ popcorn if you have not already...

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