A Night Made Right with Connor’s Stout Porter

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Halorrr everyone...How's work been? Mine has been exhausting and a little chill out session over a good drink and company would be perfect. I am delighted to find out that Connor’s Stout Porter, a premium draught by Carlsberg Malaysia. will be launching its ‘A Night Made Right’ at La Bodega & O’Galito, Pavilion KL this Thursday! There will be games, drink and food! Just Made Right!

Ooooo seems like a fun night! Looking forward to it!

Not just that, there will be plenty of games and prizesss.... Wooo I wouldn't mind more prizes!! So there will be three games for that night and you will stand a chance to win home some really attractive prizes and all the games are pretty simple ones!

The first game is easy peasy! Just pay what ever amount you think is right for a glass of Connor’s Stout Porter from from either RM2, RM4, RM6, RM8 or RM10 and stand a chance to win RM500 cash voucher!

Are you good at sliding a pint? All you have to do is slide your pint and if more than 50% of the pint lands on any of the bullseyes, you win a half pint. It’s that simple! See I told ya it's really easy!!

So they say sharing is caring, what if I say you win by sharing?? Double good deal eh? Just take a photo of the Connor’s Giant Pint, share the photo with the hashtag #ConnorsMY and tag the location of the outlet and you will receive a half pint for FREE! 

So bring all your friends along to play and drink!!! You might just drink for free by winning all the games! As Connor’s Stout Porter says, its ‘A Night Made Right’… hahhaa....

So I will see you this Thursday night ya!! The event will begin at 5.30pm onwards at La Bodega and O’Galito at Pavilion KL !! So just come over anytime after you finish your work!! Remember to come and say hi to me if you see me there kay? XOXO!!

For more info checkout Connor's Stout Porter FB Page.

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