Mentholatum Botanics Face Wash & Face Mask has launched

Thursday, February 18, 2016

I am so happy when Tammy told me about this Mentholatum Botanic. I have always been a natural/botanic product lover..... If you are too HIGH FIVE babe!!! Anyway if you haven't heard of Mentholatum, they are big corporation who also produce brands like Hada Labo, Sunplay, Lipice, Oxy. Last month they came out with this new BOTANICS range specialize on only Facial Wash and Face Mask too....

I was the first one to arrive and after the registration I was ushered to make our own flower tea... I am so happy to see all the colourful flower teas.... Well who doesn't?especially girls, flowers always make us happy.... Look the varieties of the flowers....and the colour is so beautiful!!

See how beautiful my flower tea...the purple and violet is such a nice combination.....

and here's me enjoying my flower tea....mmmm so delicious....

Do you know why I love BOTANICS? They uses the finest ingredients with the highest quality natural herbal essences from flowers and herbs. All herb and flower are carefully selected based on their unique properties to offer exceptional results.

BOTANICS in total has three face wash range and one sheet mask range. In this post I will briefly introduces all the facial wash and also mask. If you want full review of the face wash and face mask do let me know in comment section...

Tube Face Wash comes in tube form (obviously) with creamy texture and this is my favorite one.... I feel the other two type which is in pump bottle makes dispensing take longer time... or maybe I am used to the tube packaging. In this range there is 4 types.

Hydra Whitening Wash (All Skin type) RM 14.90: Contains Arbutin, an extract from natural Bearberry plant to help brighten and improve skin's radiance. On the other hand Agave helps retain moisture. 

Deep Cleansing Wash (Oily/ Combination Skin) RM 14.90: If you have acne troubles, the tea tree and ylang ylang extract in this face wash will helps prevent blemishes and blackheads by thoroughly remove all dirt from your face. Your skin will thank you for clearing all the dirt and impurities..

Hydrating Wash (Dry/ Combination Skin) RM 14.90: Having flaky skin? Try this wash as it help to deeply hydrates your skin with jasmine and calendula plant extracts.

Pore Refining Wash (Oily/ Combination Skin) RM 14.90: Formulated with Rose Mary and Witch Hazel extracts to help purify pores and rebalnace oil for a refined, clear and smooth skin.

Now let's move to foaming wash, obviously it comes in bubbles foam form..... There is two type which is Whitening Foaming Wash and Oil & Bleming Control Foaming wash.

Whitening Foaming Wash (All Skin type) RM 25.90: Narcissus extracts from the foaming wash will naturally revive dull skin to enhance skin's fairness while aloe extracts help hydrate and refine skin texture.

Oil & Bleming Control Foaming wash (Oily/ Combination Skin) RM 25.90:  similary with the earlier deep cleansing wash also contains Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang extract to control blemishes and blackheads.

The last facial wash type is in pump bottle packaging too. It has a more runnier and lighter texture than the tube ones....

Moisturizing & Brightening Was (All Skin type) RM 21.90:  Filled with rosehip oil that are rich in Vitamic C which will help brighten skin tone and improve skin luminousity.

Deep Clean Wash (Oily/ Combination Skin) RM 21.90: Also for trouble skin as it also contains Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang extract.

Now what about mask? These sheet mask is infused with herbal essence and enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to repair and rejuvenate skin while you close your eyes and relax.... Ooooo I can't wait to be pampered by these sheet mask.....There is total of five type for five different function..

Lavender - Soothing
Rosemary - Pore Refining 
Pomegranate - Anti-Oxidant
Rosehip Oil - Brightening
Aloevera - Hydrating

So here is all the new BOTANICS range available... Are you eyeing any of these??? IF you want to know more information or want a full review please do let me know in comment below ya.... I have to go now, love you all...bye bye...

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