Second Visit to Fancier Hair Spa

Thursday, January 07, 2016

I cannot get over how amazing is the scalp treatment I had few months ago at Fancier Hair Spa. I went again for a second treatment very quickly even though when I was very busy....and while I was typing this post, it has been almost 2months I did not go for the hair scalp treatment and my hair misses it so badly... My hair feel so so different right after the treatment... The first two week I don't feel my hair is that bad but after like 6weeks I feel like my hair is way way more healthier right after the treatment... I also my hair loss is much reduced.....I almost can feel my scalp breathing ahhhhhhh....and it's not oily... Now, my hair top is constantly look flat and oily... I have to wash my hair more frequently now which annoyed me alot because my hair is so long as I'm keeping it for wedding not to mentioned the amount of hair fall....

Well this post will not be like a review but more of sharing my experience because I really really like their scalp treatment. Not only the whole experience of the treatment is so relaxing and soothing to my hair, scalp and head but the result is really fantastic...Not only I can see result on the monitor screen but I can really feels it on my hair for a long time.

This is me really enjoying the treatment and I am being treated like a little princess here...

If you want to know the full steps involved in the scalp treatment you can read up my previous post.

I love to tuck inside their warm blanket and the tea and varieties of food serve there will make you feel really pampered. Haha and this is me while undergoing some lighting treatment.

Okla here's some of the hair result of my second time hair treatment....The redness on my scalp further reduce and more hair strand able to grow out.....

Ahhh I need to go back soon already my hair is really dying already....Alrigh la I don't wanna write so long...Just feel like writing a casual post on this......signing off now....tata...

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