6 Changes after Moving Out!

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Woohoooo... It's second day of working day in 2016 already...Times fly and wedding is in 18days......Woots Woots so excited... Anyway, you guys know I have move out for almost half a year now and boy it's a heck of changes and getting used to it need time.... So let me share some of the changes that will happen when you move out with your partner and it is not same to moving out as a single though some might be same but staying by yourself and staying with your other half is totally different.

1. Do It Yourself

Alright this is the one thing that I hate most.... It take up most of my time and I become so freaking busy. Get ready to do everything yourself.... Wash your own cloths, clean your house yourself and cook your own meal..... When I was still staying with parent they do all this for me... I feel so blessed living with them... Mum and Dad I love you both so much.....  I have to allocate time for house chore in the morning and night too...Morning to hang cloths and night for cooking dinner and house cleaning. Well but still I never regret moving out, having our own house if my life goals....

2. Going to Market

I'm so used to let my parent buy all the raw ingredient for our meal... 5 years ago I still go to market with my mum but ever since my dad retire he is the one who accompany my mum... I have never go to market since then and I seldom cook too even though I love to cook.... Reason being, I don't like when my parent nag me while I cook so now that I have my own house I am so happy that I can finally cook freely but going to market can be quite tiring.... I am not a morning person, waking up in the morning just to go to market can be very challenging for me. Sometime I have to go to bigger market to get some fresh seafood which is further away from my house can be even worse...I am so lazy to wake up early and most of the time I end up buying in supermarket like Jusco and Aeon Big. It's cleaner (not wet and smelly) to shop in supermarket and I can have my beauty sleep..muahahhahaa... One thing though, if you are buying fish from supermarket remember to tell the staff to cut the fish else they would just weight the fish and gave it to you unlike in market they would automatically cut it for you.... OMG I tell you it's so hard to cut out the fish's teeth and it feel really gross removing it's organs.... gaga..

3. Sleeping the same time with the other half

Well, its a very nice and comfort feeling to hug my other half and fall asleep together. When I live with my parents, I sleep pretty late and now I tend to sleep earlier because Thomas always sleep early but I still failed to wake up early.... Still trying hard to wake up earlier in the morning to clear more work and house chores.

4. Coordinating with other half

Now that we live together means that our timing need to match each other.. I used to have dinner at 7.30pm latest now we have it at 8.30 - 9.00pm because Thomas came home quite late because he has a lot of task to clear at work. Not only that, things that I wanna do had to pre-informed him earlier so that he doesn't feel left out or lonely when I'm not around. He can also arrange meet up with his friend or other activity. Everything you do or buy you will have to think of your other half..Well technically you need to do this when you have partner but when you move in with him more things that you do require to check with him if that's what he like too.

5. Freedom & Privacy

You can finally do the things you like without your parents commenting, nagging or complaining.... I can cook the way I like, put and arrange things the way I love, do house chore when I feel like doing, be lovey dovey with Thomas around the house freely and many more. My parent's used to nag me to hang cloth in the early morning like 8/9 a.m and I really hate it because it's my sleeping time... Now no one gonna nag me, I hang my cloth or wash them only when I got up NATURALLY! muahahahha....

6. Spend more Money

This is quite predictable but you will be shock that you might spend more than you expect..Not only we need to fork out additional money to pay the utilities but also the food... Also since it's our own house, me to be specific I like decorating my home and will constantly buy things to decor our home....My wallet is bleeding.....gaga.... This is a part of my masterbedroom that almost complete...Just need some final touch...After my wedding I will continue to paint the rest of the house...

Alright i think that's it for now first else the post will be damn long.... Even though, there's alot of changes and challenges once you moved out but I still enjoy every moment living all by ourself. I enjoy doing everything even though it can be tiring sometime.

"Let me know what are some challenges when you move out and share with me how you cope with it alright?"

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