Introducing Short Let Apartment, London

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

I see a numbers of my friends travelling to Europe and London is one of the pit stop. So I thought of sharing with you guys this Short Let Apartment in London. Who know it might be useful for you if you also planning a trip to London.

Short Let London provides accommodation for short term rent in London  at a affordable price without sacrificing any qualities. Each apartment are fully furnished including fresh linens and towels supplies. The apartment also comes with fully equipped kitchen, en-suite bathroom, TV, fridge and washing machine.


Short Let has over 200 apartments for rent in London, located in Central, North-West and West London's areas, mainly in zone 1 and 2. So you don’t have to worry about getting to tourist attraction because they are all easily accessible via London Tube which are just few minutes rides away. For example they have around 13 apartments in Bayswater area which is just few minutes away from Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Bayswater tube station is just walking distance you can get to Oxford Circus, Talfagar Square or St James in minutes…


Their apartment look very cosy and I have always love staying in apartment because we can make our own meals….  Another great things is that apartment usually has more space than cramped up hotel room so we have the flexibility to place our luggage on the floor without blocking the walkway. I really dislike hotel room with narrow pathway that I always have zipped up my luggage and place vertically again everytime I took my things out.


For some reasons, I really love the above bedroom furniture setup… Actually it’s exactly how i want my room to look like….Here it the kitchen section.

a-kilburn-short-stay-london-apartments-2 2

Below are also some of other apartment design…

How cute? The kitchen is just a step away…


oh and i liked that they have a washing machine facility. So if you planning to stay a week or so you can wash some cloths :)


You don’t have to worry if you book apartment with Short Let because there are no booking fees nor deposit required…. They also provide free wifi and complimentary linen on arrival ensuring you will have a lovely stay at your apartment.

If you planning a visit to London remember to check out Short Let Apartment in London. Below are the list of location of Short Let Apartment.


I randomly checkout their price for 5 nights stay, it only cost GBP212 for 5 nights stay. I think it’s pretty affordable especially they are all located in London central. For more info please checkout their website at

Ending this post with a beautiful picture of London that I captured on my recent visit… Chow….


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