Hotel Review : Stacaytion at Resort Suites, Bandar Sunway

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hello everybody, enjoying your New Year Holiday? I am for sure, I thing by the time I am back to work I might lost track on all my work in the office after such long holiday...... I have been so stress and tired with all wedding things ( i know I said this a thousand times) but still I am really exhausted so a short staycation is all I need.... So we went to Resort Suites, Bandar Sunway to check in for a night and also went to Sunway Lagoon to play some water rides....hehe it was really fun especially playing the Vuvuzuela...and good news to all of you by just quoting my code: RSBS9694 you can get 10% off your stay in Resort Suites. Bandar Sunway.

We parked our car at the basement, enter from the side of Sunway Pyramid building, if you coming from LDP once you turn in from traffic light turn left just before Sunway Pyramid. Then just continue to go straight about 50m, the entrance is on your left with a signboard showing Resort Suites and Pyramid Tower.

Then from go to B1, walk across to the Hotel Lobby Entrance you will be able to see a small reception counter ( we thought it was the Jockey,LOL) then from there the staff will bring you up to the reception area at Level 12. We were very happy with how the staff welcome us to the resort. The hospitality is top notch. Upon checking in, the staff bring us to our room and brief us some information on the room.

Resort Suites is the tallest building in town, thus your room will give you a splendid view of the town skyline... It has the best combination of the best shopping, local delicacies and also the renowned water theme park, Sunway Lagoon all in one. We actually, went shopping in Sunway Pyramid even though we went there numerous time but since it's just few step from our resort we went in and shop crazy. It has few of my favourite shop like Sephora, Zara, H&M and many more. Talking about food, right below the resort there's Taste Enclave which house all the local favourites food from all over the states in Malaysia in one.

We check in pretty early around 10a.m and then we put all our stuff in the room and went straight to Sunway Lagoon to play all the ridesss! Love that welcoming card <3 <3

The staff then bring us all the way to Sunway Lagoon to redeem our purchased ticket. 

We went playing water in wave pool first and then after that went to all the rides... We store all our phones in the locker so din manage to snap much pictures... The only pictures I have were my OOTD picturesss...

After playing all rides, we felt quite hungry so we decided to look for food and after looking for a few fast food joint only Burger King queue was not that long and guess what their price is cheapest among all and the price is similar to outside Burger King. So I highly recommend you to dine in Burger King if you are at Sunway Lagoon

After that went for shower and then rest for a while and then went to dinner after that. Here is how our room look like...

We had a king size bed but honestly the bed wasn't as comfy as we expect. Maybe I was wrong on the suite term, whenever I heard suite I will expect the room to be more luxurious in it's design and furnishing. I went google, and it say suite means "set of rooms designated for one person's or family's use or for a particular purpose" more like a apartment. So I guess I was wrong on the 'Suite' term.....Also it can be because I now sleep on a hotel grade mattres in my own room so I have high expectation for all mattress I sleep in. I am not showing off but that's what I feel la.... The thickness of the bed is much thinner that many hotel I went before this and definitely thinner than my own bed. It's kinda same with the old mattress I sleep in my old home. However considering it cost almost RM 330 per night at Agoda and it's strategic location I think it's pretty worth the money. Also the fact that it also has a small kitchen and my favourite bath tub the price is pretty worthy. 

Soaking in bathtub after the staff fix the water heater....Very fast service but the water heater may run out so you got to utilize it fast...

There's also a small living hall where you can rest and watch TV. So if you have kids, they can watch tv in the living hall while you watch in the room.

A small dining area and kitchen so you can cook you own meal. :-)

Oh and guess what I found a promo in Groupon ending 29th Feb 2016 for only RM 270 for 1 night stay. 

We woke up happily the next day because it was a great sleep really because it's so relaxing to play and eat the whole day without doing much things and just sleep after..

After that we went for breakfast at Taste Enclave but the breakfast was provided by the Resort not those stall in Taste Enclave. The breakfast is pretty alright but slightly below our expectation. More of a localized breakfast buffet spread not so international. Taste wise was alright but forget about those high qualities cheese and cold cut, you can't get any here. I also don't quite like the breakfast time as it's from 6a.m to 9a.m only. So yeah need to be up really early..

and no fresh fruit juices mostly cordial if not mistaken too sweettt.....

but the croissant is really good.... Better than alot of other hotel surprisingly. Oh yes the Nasi Lemak taste really good and their cucumber is so so fresh!!!Do load up on Nasi Lemak when you are here hehe... So I think this breakfast will be good for tourist from other country as it has a lot of local taste to it but not for local tourist like me.....

Guess I write a little too long for this review eh?? We had fun in our staycation and we do think the price is really affordable for it's strategic location and all the facilities provided in the room. If they could refurbish the whole room it will be better. Alright guys I got to go now. Bye Bye.

Special Promo in Groupon: RM 270 for 2D1N stays.

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