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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Yo yo yo…. How’s your week been so far?? I am pretty excited to share with you a new salon that I just discover. This salon is where most of the celebrities went to style their hair!! Wooo imagine your hair being style by celebrity Hair Stylist??? Let me introduce you the man behind this amazing salon, Davis Wong.


Davis work with many well established and famous celebrities, brands and magazine. You might had came across his work from day to day on TV or even in the magazines… He has work with numerous iconic magazines like Men’s Health Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Hanger Magazines and many more…. You might be curious which big celebrities he is working with!! Can believe it guys, Sazzly Falak hair were style by Davis!! OMGGG…. Not just her alone other famous celebrities that went to Scissors Palace includes Yasmin Hani (her famous pixie haircut is done by Davis), Amar Ashraf, Azrel Ismail , Aril from academy Fantasia, Tracy Cheung, Nicholas Kung from Astro talent quest, and so many others like Maria Farida oh and Azwan Ali tooo ... The list goes on and on… Just check out Davis’s instagram la ok? Here is a video of him styling Joey G!!

The Scissors Palace has always been Davis’s dream, when he was still pursuing his hairstyling skill he always wanted to have his own salon. Davis not only well known locally but also internationally. He has work with International campaign like Universal Beauty , TOM'S, Louis Vuitton , Angel Champange by Mariah Carey, Labvamour and many more.

The Scissors Palace Review7

Davis is very fun to work with…. He will make sure you will be entertained with his jokes and what ever topic la……

image Davis playing around with Juliana during videoshoot..

When I was there doing my hair we just can’t stop talking and can you believe it I don’t even have time to look on my Facebook when I was there!! This is really surprising as most of the time I would find things to do while waiting for my hair treatment.
. The Scissors Palace Review5

I really like that The Scissor Palace only have one price for all their stylist. So you can get style by celebrity stylist Davis at the same price with other stylist in the salon. Also their prices is really affordable… Here is the price list for your reference.

The Scissors Palace Review9

That day, Michelle my stylist help put on scalp treatment for my hair and using this infrared machine to help the product to penetrate into my scalp and clean away or infections and bacteria on my scalp…. Next she will be also doing laser for my scalp… Wooooo the laser treatment is something new to me.. You gotta try it and see the result and enjoy the process ya!!

The Scissors Palace Review3
Here is how the laser machine look like…

The Scissors Palace Review8 Michelle stripping off the dirts stuck on my scalps…

If your scalp is unhealthy, there will be something like a white clouds pickup on the tip of the laser equipment.

Here is my hair after the treatment… Michelle make my curls look so pretty… That day I receive a lot of compliments on my hair :-)

The Scissors Palace Review4

Seriously guys, if you looking for Celebrity Stylist to style your hair at an affordable price do checkout The Scissors Palace kay? I will be colouring my hair the next round and I roughly ask them how much would it be to bleach. colour and add treatment to my super long hair (almost waist line length), Davis told me its only RM 500+++. So affordable because any other salon would cost up to RM 1000 at least….  If without bleaching I think it only cost RM 300++ for colouring & treatment....Okla… I guess I better end this post la.. It's getting long already...See you guys in next post soon… Bye Bye…

The Scissors Palace
No 1, Plaza Prima Villa, Jalan 19/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL
Contact No: 03-6203 1810
For more info please checkout:

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