Malaysia Fashion Week 2015: Asian Designer Show (Couture)

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Hellooo my dear reader… Finally i able to attend some fashion show.. I missed out the KLFW and yay I manage to take some time out for this Couture show one of my favourite show among all… Let’s move on to the show shall we?

Hazree Wahid, MALAYSIA

The first designer that open the show is Hazree Wahid from Malaysia. I find his design has a lot frills and peplum design which adds femininity to the wearer.

Hazree Wahid MFW5

p/s: sorry the photo quality is not so good because I left my camera at home so was using iphone to capture these… ><

Charis Ching, MALAYSIA

I love this collection because some of it can be wear on many occasion but I find her design are more suitable for petite size and most the dress make the boob look so flat… I’m sorry but all of the dress really tied very tight that the bust is almost flat…. Some of the dress design were pretty common not so much uniqueness..

Charis Ching MFW12

Charis Ching MFW11

Michael Sta.Maria / PHILIPPINES

Probably one of my favourite collection were by Michael ones…

Michael Sta-horz1
Michael Sta-horz

Some of his collection is quite daring being almost full see through…
  Michael Sta.Maria MFW4

and I absolutely love this mint dress, it look very captivating with the flower shining on the dress and also the back opening is seriously stunning.

Michael Sta.Maria MFW5

But one of the dress is over the top in a bad way… I don’t know but the model struggle to walk in it, how would a normal person walk in it then?

Michael Sta.Maria MFW8

Nuchsuda, VIETNAM

I’m very disappointed with Nuchsuda design… I feel the belt is so out of fashion to me.. I just don’t like it… Also the V-shape cut-out on the pant is a turn off really..

Nuchsuda MFW1-horz

Ahlatt Lumyang, MYANMAR

This is the worst collection of the night I feel… I do not know how to appreciate his design where there’s a invisible strip place near the nipple area…. Seriously on the nipple? Let me know if you find this very stunning.. Even the colour scheme is not my cup of tea…

Ahlatt Lumyang MFW2-horz


The last designer, I watch last night was Von Jolly. Nothing over the top… I find his design was pretty boring…

Von Jolly MFW4-horz

Alright guys, if you wanna see all the Couture design do checkout below video ya…

So before I end this post here is the OOTD for the night..Sorry lighting is really bad…


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