Superdry VIP Day

Monday, October 12, 2015

I went to Superdry VIP days the other day and I really fell in love with their T-shirt fabric and also the simple but unique design. Superdry fuses vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British style. They are characterised by quality fabrics, authentic vintage washes, unique detailing, world leading hand-drawn graphics and tailored fits with diverse styling. Such distinctiveness has gained the brand exclusive appeal as well as an international celebrity following. This is my first time trying out their T-Shirt and I love their signature vintage wash and the Japanese graphics…especially those cracked prints…

Super Dry VIP Day1

During the VIPs day, VIP member can get 20% off storewide. If you want to join VIPs member you can do so by paying RM30 for first year and annual renewal fees is RM25. With the membership you get various discount like 10% off all year round and below One Time Privileges.
  • 20% Off Your Purchase
  • 30% Off Your Birthday
  • Complimentary T-Shirt with RM500+ Purchase
  • RM100 Off Any Outerwear
Super Dry VIP Day9 me trying out their cap and jacket

Oh boy that jacket material as soft as silk…Major love…
This is their signature crew neck print design…..

Super Dry VIP Day2

and some other design..I also have purchase this OSAKA design for Thomas birthday!

Super Dry VIP Day10

They also have some other girly design and those leather jacket are so soft and cool looking! Like Like Like!

Super Dry VIP Day8

Beachwear is available too…

Super Dry VIP Day6

I also tried their jeans,material is really good but the size is a bit too small for me…sob sob..

Super Dry VIP Day7

In fact most of their female T-Shirt is rather small even though it is XL size.. I thought a British brand would carry a bigger size… So I only got myself a crop top which fit me nicely..
Their bag colours are very colourful!!

Super Dry VIP Day13

Watches is available too….

Super Dry VIP Day11

I find their price is a little high but well the shirt quality is really good. Even better than most other premium brands… So yeah great quality comes with a price. Here to end my post, a picture with the butterflies..

Super Dry VIP Day14

Alright that’s all from me tata….thank you for reading my post today..Muackss...

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