Newborn foot with Baby Foot Easy Pack

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hey girls… How have you been? Few weeks ago I finally visited Ossoto Spa for a gathering with all the girls for a spa day with Baby Foot Easy Pack

Baby Foot review9

The girl from Tokyo Ninki was sharing with us the three new brand that they brought into Malaysia DotFree, Pure Vivi & Baby Foot.

Baby Foot review2

I tried the Pure Vivi Cleansing Lotion before and it’s so good… I have also post up a detailed full review….You can read about them here.

Baby Foot review10

Cheesie were applying the Dot Free Collagen essence on the girl(sorry I can’t remember her name, I am really bad at names..forgive me please?) face. I also have this at home and I can’t wait to try them hehehe….

Baby Foot review3

Some of other Dot free product..

Baby Foot review1

and then all of us try on the Baby Foot Easy Pack, RM 54.90. It helps to remove all the rough skin and dead skin on our foot. All you have to do is to wear it for only 30 minutes and then in just 7 days all the dead skin cell will peeled off by itself leaving a smooth and new skin. Baby Foot Easy Pack is the only in the market that only required to wear for 30 minutes while other brands required 1hour.
This is how the pack look like…

Baby Foot review6

Just peel it off and you will see a pair of huge plastic socks…

Baby Foot review7

Then put it on, and stick the opening with the sticker provided in the pack. I hope they could improvise it by incorporating a elastic rubber at the opening so we don’t require extra step to stick the opening.

Baby Foot review8

After 30 minutes remove and wash your foot…


I find the peeling not so gross compared to other brand…. but still my foot feel very smooth after the 4th day… The staff actually call me and told me that, we did not soak in the mask long enough so they are going to send us another pack to try again… So later I shall do another full review on this.
Oh ya forget to share with you on the Ossoto Spa.. I find the ambient is really good and food is unexpectedly good.. The masseur also good but for the price to just enter and enjoy the facilities on weekend for RM 128 and RM 108 (with minimum consumption) is quite hefty as massage price is separate…. I would want to go again for just one time with my girl friend la but not gonna return because I find it’s like just wasting time inside…. For now, it’s the end of the post… Thank you for reading my love…. Go to go now bye bye…

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