My Birthday Celebration October 2015

Thursday, October 08, 2015

October is a special month to me, it the month when my mum gave birth to me. It also mark the beginning of me and Thomas love journey. I am truly blessed to have all closest friend gather all together to celebrate my birthday, it really means a lot to me and I am really blessed for that. Not to forget the important person in my life, my future husband, Thomas who made all of this possible. Thanks you for always being the sun in my life and shine through my life when I'm in darkness….
This year I didn’t think much if there is any celebration because last year was really disappointing… Speaking that, don’t you feel sad when your closest family member or friend said or promise to celebrate your birthday with you or just simple has brought you a present but it turns out to be just for the sake of saying? I am not saying that I am hoping for gift or celebration but if you said it then you gotto keep your promise…. okay let’s not talk about sad thing because I’m a happy girl this year because all my closest friend were beside me when I blow the candle….

Honestly ever since I pass the age of 21, I have never celebrate birthday with so many friends and truly it makes me feel happy! I think from now on I shall date my besties on their birthday and mine too!! So my birthday celebration begin at 12am of 1st Oct where Thomas secretly brought out a birthday cake from the fridge…. I never suspect anything and I was busy that night came home pretty late so I didn’t went to open the fridge. So I make a wish and blow the candles…. Feeling very touched…

birthday celebration16

He also prepare a present wrap in my favourite floral wrapping paper and I must said I am impressed… He is not the kind of guy who wrap present and for him to learn and search for the paper it’s really not easy. He got me shower gel in peach and passion fruit scent and a rose hand wash… He ah…always clumsy when he is busy at work…. Apparently he never see the details of the bottle, just making sure it is rose and pay and wrap it up without checking if it’s shower gel or hand wash… Don’t know if I should scold him and pity him for being exhausted from work.

birthday celebration23

The next day, this pancake jio me for food review at BBQ Town in Midvalley…. So I said okie as I love Japanese food and this has both steamboat (albeit a bit small) & BBQ together…. So as usual, I went a bit early and do a quick shopping at Superdry to get my friend and Thomas a birthday gift.

After that I quickly go to Strip for a deforesting la… Ehem the week after I have anniversary staycation and I plan to go the pool so yeah I need that….. That day I felt really stupid.. I left my wallet at home and because I need money to shop at Superdry I went around asking where my friend is…… So I ended up finding Thomas for money la…. When I arrive at BBQ town….. I was like jaw dropped for a moment and I saw Thomas is there then look the left siew ping, winnie were there… I didn’t know what was happening and I grab a seat trying to figure out while Thomas explained he gather all of them to celebrate my birthday and a few other is on the way… I was so touched….ehemmm trying to hold up my tears….yeah I am sentimental that way….I may look tough but internally I am very soft (aiks don’t think others thing ya). I was really happy to see all of them there because it has been so long since I last met most of them…. below are some of the precious photos we captured that day..

Pica with my bff…So long never meet them especially siew ping..Almost a yr la…..
 birthday celebration17

Oh by the way this BBQ town not bad…It’s same company with Sukiya but I don’t like the BBQ because it’s just not so smokey…..I prefer those Korean BBQ more…. but this is definitely better than BBQ Plaza lah… Ok cake blowing time…

birthday celebration18

Ok make a wish first…

birthday celebration21

and off course a group picture….. Pancake mana u???? go curi makan??

birthday celebration19

pica with my love…. thanks for arranging all of these darling….

birthday celebration20

and I am so touched that all of them brought some really thoughtful and meaningful gift to me… Thank you guysss… I really feel overwhelmed and happy..I’m out of words to describe how happy I am to unwrapped them at home.. Below are some of the gift I received… All the gift really resembles my style… All those florals and lace are so me…That Eiffel Tower is one of my favourite place I have travelled to so far!

birthday celebration22

okla…I think I shall stop here…talking too much….thanks you to those who are reading this post and everyone who send me warm birthday wishes in FB and what apps….

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