Short Vacation with my girls at Sepang Avani

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hey hey… Finally, I manage to get a great break few weeks ago… For the first time I have a total break from work and blog… That two days I went for a short vacation with my girls and leave work and blog behind (well I did send 1 or 2 urgent emails but that’s fine). I had amazing time celebrating mooncake festival with my JQ & Nicole. We talk nonstop from sharing our life and gossiping off course hahhaha… We talk till 2am before we all go to shower, it show how hook up we are to our conversation!! We talk over mooncake and snacksss…. hahaha it’s just so fun!!


First off, I am really looking forward to stay a night at Avani Sepang but I wasn’t expecting too much because my friend told me their rating wasn’t that good… When we arrived it all look really good…

We took our pic before the buggy start moving…

 sepang avani review1

and when the buggy start moving….our hairs turn to this…hahaha..

sepang avani review2

The environment around the chalet is great except the sea water is not that clear but that can’t be help, it’s the nature in that area…

sepang avani review4

The room look good initially…..

sepang avani review5

But when we look into details, the sofa in the living room were dirty…


The bath tub is so dirty and the tiles came out…oh and the pipe fixtures also came off luckily I manage to place it back else the bathroom maybe flooded with water. to a point I skip soaking in bath tub even though I been looking forward for some good soaking…

sepang avani review11

I was really disappointed with this… Also We got so fed up for asking for a buggy service to fetch us to lobby from our chalet… They never came to fetch us and it is not near walking to lobby… We tried stopping empty buggy on our way out they did not stop for us and just sped off….. Surprisingly, when we call for checkout the buggy arrived in minutes….Gahhhh this is really disappointing chalet/resort to stay in… Not planning to stay here again unless they improve their service and room quality.

Okay now back to our vacation, we went to Mitsui Outlet for shopping and dinner… On our way, we saw a lot of Dragon Fruit farms and Nicole become so excited and we stopped to buy some….

There’s quite a lot of shop in Mitsui Outlet and I wasn’t expecting that… Though not all item is cheap,probably around 20% cheaper compare to market price and you really need to look into details… As for food selection there is a quite a lot for such a small mall.and we have our dinner at the food court and boy the food were delicious especially the Rojak & Grilled Fish!

sepang avani review8

p/s: Sorry the food pic look bit ugly but I swear they taste amazingly good!

Went back to our resort and continue chatting over mooncakes… Oh yum yum…

sepang avani review10

and that concludes our night.. We went to shower and have a good sleep after all the good laugh and delicious mooncakes for dessert.

Went for a quick dip by the pool…Didn’t even swim because not enough time hahhaa…
  sepang avani review15

I haven trying out skin art by WanderlustThings lately.. Pretty fun to accessorize my body! and if you are looking on the patch on my right, that is my birth mark. I have two big patch of birthmark on my body and I am not ashamed by it. God gave it to me, I learn to love them and I love wearing bikinis even though I am plusize and have layers of fat tummies… Who care? What I care is myself, if I feel good wearing it. Just be love your body the way it is and be confidence. You can wear bikini and everyone can. There’s no such thing I’m too fat, my chest is all bones, my arm is flabby! Either you love your body the way it is or do something to get the body you will love!!!!!!!!

sepang avani review16

After that we went for a quick cycling around the resort….

sepang avani review13

and here is another selfies of us before we go home!!

sepang avani review17

thanks Nicole for a great night at Avani Sepang. I gotto to end this post now..Bye Bye and have a great day!

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