OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum & Argan Gold Treatment Review

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Hey Hey Hey… How you girls been doing? I have been updating for more frequent now, are you loving all my new post??? Today I am sharing this new serum & hair treatment I got from Wishtrend. I have talk about this site before this. You can read about it here. I had try these two items for a few weeks now. Now let’s move on to the details of this two product…

Argan Gold Treatment review1

C2O OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

So far I am loving this serum a lot!! In fact this one is in my book list of my favourite serum! Talk about budgeting on my skincare purchase, there is actually another newer version but I got the older version because it is cheaper…Hehe…. !!! This little bottle of Vitamin C serum will help keep your skin looking young and beautiful.  It contains20% of pure Vitamin-C. It promise to brightens the skin and recover trouble scars caused by acne for example. It said to help in removing blackhead too.. It seems like this serum is the saviour to all my skin concerns! Like I said I have been using it for weeks now and I really really love the scent and what it did to my skin. It has the orange scent, almost similar to the real orange scent. I feel like dabbing orange juice on my skin every time I use it. weee smell so good!!! I always look forward to apply it on my face because is smell so citrusy good! I find after using for a week, some how or rather my skin look so smooth and radiant.. I don’t know how to put it in word, it just make my skin look beautiful la… On the second week, I feels it help to lighten my acne scars though not a lot but definitely seeing it getting less visible and it is now getting less visible as days goes by.

OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum reviewC2O  OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum, USD 24.99 USD14.99 (with free shipping now)

p/s: If you buying this serum you can buy other things together to benefit from the free shipping plus it’s on sale now!

It comes in a common serum bottle with the dripping cap for easy application onto my skin. In the box, the dripping tool is packed separately which i think it’s unnecessary…but may be this packaging can avoid damaging the dripping tool during shipping.. Not too sure on that…

OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum review4

It has a gluey yellow-ish texture but it is not sticky at all…Love it when I apply on my face non greasy and sticky at all.

OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum review3

Here is the before and after of my face after using the serum….

OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum review2

Honestly I am rather shock when I see the after picture… If you realize my dark circle has lighten I have no idea why.. I have been sleeping later than usual this week and I did not use eye cream either… Weird is I did not use any serum on my eyes but may be when I apply the serum to my skin I accidentally touch my eye area too? Usually I pore two drop of serum and warm it up using my palm and then gently dab on my face. Oh I am using the Innisfree Pore Whitening serum and cream on top of this serum. So probably there work hand in hand on my skin and tadaaaa…..My skin is so smooth and radiant now!! Everyone comment I look so glowy because I am getting marry soon but think these product does contribute to my glow too!!hahha….

Not only that, look at my acne scar….It has lighten so much!!! I really love this serum, planning to use this continuously!

OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum review5

Also I realize my pimples didn’t really popped out even though I have been sleeping late these few day… So I really recommend this to everyone especially if you want to lighten some scars.. I never edit the picture ya….I just edit the brightness but both before and after picture I adjust to same brightness level so it does not alter the scar tone ya. So go go try it ya!
For more details please go to this link where you can also purchase this Vitamin-C Serum online via WISHTREND with just a click away.

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Confume  Argan Gold Treatment

Next is this Confume Argan Gold Treatment for the hair. You might already know that argan oils gives a lot of benefit to the hair. Honestly, I am a bit sceptical to try anything made from Argan oil because the last Argan Oil Shower Gel I used before this has a terrible scent! Surprisingly this is the other way round… It smell so good….. So no problem massaging it onto my hair!

Argan Gold Treatment review2

CONFUME Argan Gold hair treatment helps in maintaining the elasticity of your hair because it contains 100% enrich argan oil which is absorbed by every single hair that locks the moisture and luster of hair. On the other hand, the Coconut oil and Almond oil together strengthens the hair structure. I used it a few time and I really like how it make my hair very soft and less fizzy….. It’s quite thick in texture so only required a medium dollop size for my entire hair.

Argan Gold Treatment review10

I will use this for a few more time and will update here again to see it’s final result on my hair… So here is how my hair look like after the treatment… It feel so soft and I love touching it as it’s smooth and soft.
 CONFUME Argan Gold Treatment review6

For more details please go to this link where you can also purchase this Argan Gold Serum online via WISHTREND with just a click away.

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Well girls, this is the end of this post.. Thank you for supporting my blog all this while… Muackssss

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