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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hey hey hey…. I supposed you all had some dirty little secrets that you keep to yourself or at least to your parents? I admit I do, but well everyone have a secrets right? Wanna know what’s mine? Continue reading then…

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Few weeks ago I went to Strip Outlet in Midvalley to exposed some dirty little secrets! I was shocked to find out the second item that has the most bacteria after the public bathroom sink. Can you guess? It is your Mobile Phones… It is even dirtier than toilet seat OMG..Can you believe it? Ever since that day, I kind of keep wiping my mobile phone in a few days to keep it clean.. Before this, I never wipe my phone unless the screen is too dirty that it blocked my view…
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How many of you go for waxing on a regular basis? It’s a NO for me before this but I changed my mind a year ago… Okay I am about to exposed my little secret… I used to shaved my bikini line because it is more convenient as I can do it at home and it is more wallet friendly…. But hell no..shaving is giving me so much problem after long period of using… My hair grow coarser and more and causes a lot of ingrown hair which can be very painful. Then I opt for waxing as it gives better results.... I used to go to a numbers of different wax parlour for waxing usually are those from Groupon and sometime from those Wax Parlour that are having promo like 50% off First Trial. Hey I need some extra money to buy my makeup okay?

Since I discovered some dirty secrets at the recent STRIP’s No Double Dipping campaign (STRIP’s Dirty Little Secrets Exposed) , I swear to god I will not simply go to any waxing parlour for the sake of saving money!! You better not thinking to try those free trial. Let me tell you why!

They RE-USE an electric shaver

ewwwww imagine that? I don’t wanna go there…urghh disgusting..

Re-Using previous towel?

You might be lying on the same towel the previous customer lying on…
what if the hair still stuck in between the towel fabric?

NOT changing the Gloves?

Some parlour reuse the glove which means bacteria can transfer from previous customer to you!!! yucks!

  • They go through 6,000 disposable razor cartridges a week and will never be caught with our pants down re-using an electric shaver
  • They are faithful in replacing our towels with fresh ones after every customer, so you can be assured they are always clean.
  • All of their therapists are mandated to glove up with a new pair of disposable latex gloves during a treatment, so cross-contamination is kept to a minimum.
Strip Wax review2
Do you know, every customer’s hair removal journey at STRIP starts with them receiving a sealed Hygiene Pack containing all the tools needed for their treatment, such as disposable wooden spatulas, a disposable razor cartridge, a pair of disposable latex gloves, wet wipes, cotton pads, cotton buds etc., to reinforce the fact that hygiene is paramount at STRIP and that STRIP always believe in Playing It Safe.

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If you read my past post on my trip to Avani Sepang? I went for waxing at STRIP before I go for the trip as I plan to wear bikinis!hhaha…


Weeehooo…No more fuzzy hairsss…


Bikini + Pool time!!


and if you want to find out more of my secrets, can checkout my previous post on another dirty secrets…It’s bad ass secret!! Be sure not to laugh too loud if you are at work or in a class ya… Catch up with you soon bye bye…

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