Hydra Quench by Clinic MF Review

Friday, August 21, 2015

I just went to Hydra Quench treatment a month ago and I learn a lot of new things from the doctor at Clinic MF….

Difference between Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

Now, do you know what is the difference between aesthetic treatment and plastic surgery?

The term “plastic” in plastic surgery is derived from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means to mold or shape. Plastic surgery involves the restoration of almost any body part that is abnormal due to a trauma/accident, cancer or birth defect while aesthetic surgery, (sometimes referred to as cosmetic surgery), is.enhancement of the body or re-construction of normal tissue to improve appearance.

source: http://www.smartbeautyguide.com/news/news-and-trends/plastic-surgeon-cosmetic-surgeon-s-difference#.VJYVz_9APA

Skin Type & Dehydration

Now you understand the differences let’s us talk about various skin type. You might have know that there is four type of skin, oily, dry, normal and combination skin. Do you know the type of skin actually tells us our skin condition? Normal skin are the perfect skin where by there is no pimples, no enlarged pores and no sensitive skin. Combination skin are the second stage of dehydration as you can see oily T-zone, large pore and minor pimples on occasion. I used to think when my skin is oily my skin is over hydrated and that is so WRONG!! When your skin produce oil it’s actually means your skin its dehydrated and the oil is produced to protect the skin from being dry. Stage 3 is where skin become very oily and has large pores… Stage 4 is where acne comes in and skin become very sensitive like red patches. on various area. Stage 5 is very dry skin where scaling happen.. The skin will flaked and peeled off.

Dehydration can be caused by weather, environment, sun exposure, stress, pollution, makeup product and etc. Now it is very important to keep your skin hydrated and hyaluronic acid is the one element in our skin that ensure our skin is fully hydrated by holding the water in our skin. It also act as a UV Protector and provide vitamins & minerals to the skin. When our skin is hydrated you will see smooth, radiant, firm and plump skin.

Clinic MF Hydra Quench

This Hydra Quench treatment is where the hyaluronic acid is deliver through injection into the edermis area. This treatment provide hydration effect to the skin and thus smoothen lines/ wrinkles results in a younger looking skin. This treatment provide a good foundation to any treatment you want to do in future.. It also helps to refine the pores on our skin.


Hydra Quench Procedure

Alright let me share with you the entire process of this Hydra Quench treatment. The first step of the treatment is to deep cleanse my face to remove all makeup and dirt from my skin. Then she apply cold numbing cream on my face and I am leave in the room for 45 minutes for it to take effect.. It feels like a cool face mask applied on my skin and then it slowly feels like tiny ant bite….. Eventually, I doze off while waiting for the cream to take effect.

After 45 minutes, the doctor came in to inject the hyaluronic acid on my skin. There is about 4 injection on my forehead and 6 on each cheek if I remember correctly… It might be less definitely not more. There is also two injection near the nose area which is most effective parts and most painful among all but still bearable to me. The whole process was not really painful. If you can bear extraction then this is way more mild than the pain during extraction. Even the most painful part is similar to the pain of extracting a deep blackhead.


How to take care of your skin after the treatment? Make sure you don’t go under sun that much if it’s a must wear your sunblock. Reduce coffee and alcohol intake as this will all wipe away the hydration of our skin.  Oh remember not to go to sauna as it’s really bad for the skin… all moisture from our skin will be extracted out during sauna session!!! Most importantly, drink lots of water. How much water is sufficient? Drink until you go to toilet every 1.5 – 2 hour.

Hydra Quench Result

Now let’s see the progress on my face!

Day 1 (right after the treatment). As you can see on my face they is some spot swollen due to the injection. Not so obvious actually, I still can walk around the mall without worry.

marie france hydra quench3

Day 2 the swollen part has subside and my skin does feel smoother… I could not see refine pores but the lines on near my nose area is much reduced.

marie france hydra quench4

Day 5 the skin feels much smoother and the opening from the injection has diminished..

marie france hydra quench6

Day 12 I feel skin much fairer but equally smooth.. Some acne is gone because has pass the menstruation period.

 marie france hydra quench9

Now let’s see before and after!!! Overall, I feel my face become smoother and much more radiant. I am surprised that the lines on my face really become less visible. However, I am pretty disappointed that it doesn’t do much on refining my pores.

marie france hydra quench review

Well it’s the end of the post.. Hope above information enlighten your knowledge on aesthetic treatment and also my experience on this Hydra Quench treatment. If you like to make an appointment and to fibd out more about this Hydra Quench Treatment please click here. Got to go for now.. Bye Bye! Big Hugs!!


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